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Losing Weight with Weighted Hula Hoops from Hula Hoop Singapore!

If you didn’t know, I’ve been trying to lose weight for quite awhile now and have been trying out multiple methods to do so. As it so happens, I was really lucky to be approached by Hula Hoop Singapore to try out their weighted hula hoops as a way to lose weight!(:


Now in case you were wondering, these aren’t your ordinary hula hoops that you play around during your PE class nor are they very light.

Instead, they are weighted hula hoops for fitness and weight loss with the following awesome benefits:

Oh and guess what? Even Hollywood celebrities are using weighted hula hoops to lose weight or as their exercise workout! For example, check out Kristen Bell with her weighted hula hoop below:

Beyoncé, Pink, Olivia Wilde and Michelle Obama also hula hoop as a workout using weighted hula hoops as seen from this article HERE:

Best of all, these weighted hula hoops even come in starter kits from Hula Hoop Singapore available for you to start off your fitness regime!(:



My Review

I was fortunate to be given 3 different sets of hula hoops by Hula Hoop Singapore to try out and delivery came SUPER speedily! In fact, this is the fastest delivery that I’ve ever received!

According to the owner, they process orders in daily basis and always deliver their products to customers the next working day after orders are received. Hence, you can be rest assured to receive your products promptly!(: The 3 items also came very well packaged and I was really pleased with everything!

So these are the 3 different types of weighted hula hoops that I received from Hula Hoop Singapore unwrapped:

1. If you are new to hula hooping, you may bruise on your abdomen areas where hula hoop rotates. This is common and bruises will go away in a week or more. To minimize bruise, wear thicker clothes to reduce impact on your waist area.
2. If you are pregnant and have existing back problem, hula hoop may not be the best exercise option for you. Please seek doctor’s advise before using.
3. Make sure you have ample space while hula hooping. Keep children and objects out of your way.


Now let’s take a look at each of them:

1. Weighted Arm Hoops (0.5kg) – S$29.90

Let’s start off with the weighted arm hoops which are great for toning your arms, shoulder, back and upper body. Basically, you just have to give a twirl starting with just 1 – 2 minutes when you first start off. And best of all, no assembly needed – just take it out of the box and you are ready to go!

When I tried it out..seriously I could barely twirl it for more than 1 minute! All my muscles were aching so freaking badly and it was hard to twirl simultaneously with both hands! But I could really feel my arm muscles being worked out real good!

Right now, I’m still working on twirling for more than 2 – 3 minutes before my arms start to give up but I think I can do it! 😀

2. Smooth Foam 1.4KG – S$45.90

The smooth foam weighted hula hoop consist of 8 parts which are easy to assemble and dissemble making it convenient to bring around. Meanwhile, the smooth design provides smooth massage effect and it’s weight will help intensify your torso workout. The lightest hula hoop is at 1.4kg and it might be a little heavy at first.

I never learnt how to hula hoop before in my life but you know, it’s actually pretty easy to do it once you get the hang of it! But to be honest, it’s a freaking painful experience and I had so many bruises on my tummy area! I could also only do it for like 1 minute before stopping because of the pain ;/ However, after doing it for about 1 – 2 weeks, it gradually became easier and easier to hula hoop and it! 😀

3. Wavy Foam 1.2KG – S$39.90

This other weighted hoop comes in a lighter version of 1.2kg and has a unique wave design for better workouts to your muscles. It is well padded with layer of foam to create a gentle landing as it rotates around your torso.  The weight makes the twirling slower compares to a lighter hoop.

Again, this hula hoop comprises of 6 parts and you can assemble them easily – make sure that you hear the CLICK sound which will signify that it is in place properly.

Here’s myself with the Wavy Foam 1.2KG which I kept at the bf’s house. Meanwhile, the Smooth Foam 1.4kg is at my home if you were wondering(:

Twirling is fun once you get the hang of it ^^ You can just watch TV and even message while twirling once you know how, hehe.

Best of all, everyone can share the joy of twirling together to keep fit and lose some weight!(:


Again, if you’re interested to getting yourself some weighted hula hoops as your fitness regime, you may be interested in the starter kits that Hula Hoop Singapore have available on their website as seen below:


Other than the ones above, they also have a range of magnetic hula hoops which are touted to be even better for weight loss.

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 10.22.45 PM

Maybe I might even get one next time instead?(:

>> Click HERE to get your own Weighted Hula Hoop! <<
>> Click HERE to get your own Weighted Hula Hoop! <<
>> Click HERE to get your own Weighted Hula Hoop! <<

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♥ mitsueki

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