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VIDEO | Singapore Guy Snaps at Northpoint Library

Spotted going viral around Youtube:

Guy rages at Northpoint Library: He even brings up NS rank and uni grades

Singaopre Guy Snaps at Northpoint Library

In the video, the man in a red t-shirt can be seen engaged in an argument with another visitor at the library. The incident apparently started when the latter placed his tablet on the wrong side of the table and touched the man’s stuff.

During the dispute, the man asked for the other party’s army location and also told him of his own position. He continued hurling vulgarities despite being approached by a staff member of the library.

He later asked the other party to punch him but the latter said, “Don’t dare me, I will not do it. Do you think I’m stupid?” The man added that he was 40 years old and hence more experienced than the “20-year-old punk”.

Credits:STOMP Singapore

According to our Singapore Army (screenshot from EDMW forums by xboxer), this guy is not a “Commando Special Forces counter terrorist Plains clothes” as he claimed.

Hurhurhur. This guy is gonna be in so much trouble for impersonation ;/

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