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Omg~ | Burger King changes name to Fries King!

Spotted on The Mirror:

Burger King stuns customers by changing its name to ‘Fries King’

Fast food giant Burger King has stunned its customers by changing its name to Fries King. The firm announced the change in a press release on Thursday  “for a limited time only” in celebration of its new crinkle-cut low fat fries.

The change has been reflected on the Burger King website which shows a new ‘Fries King’ logo with the caption “formerly Burger King.” The new title is also being used at Burger King restaurants in Miami, Los Angeles and Chicago, with signs being changed.

The PR stunt appears to have done the trick for the fast food company – becoming a hot topic on Twitter. The company began in 1953 as Insta-Burger King, in Florida.

Credits: The Mirror

Hmm, not sure if the new Burger King Satisfries are launched or will be launched in Singapore. But ehhh..Burger King was never known for it’s fries in the first place D:

BK onion rings anyone? 😀

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