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mitsueki Travels | 3D2N Genting Highlands August 2013 – DAY 2

After a fitful night rest, it was finally Day of our 3D2N Genting trip and I was so looking forward to this day the most because it was theme park day!(:

Oh btw, have you read my Day 1 yet?

>> Click HERE to read Day 1 of my 3D2N Genting Trip! <<
>> Click HERE to read Day 1 of my 3D2N Genting Trip! <<
>> Click HERE to read Day 1 of my 3D2N Genting Trip! <<

The initial plan was to eat the buffet breakfast at the hotel (not inclusive in our package), but we kinda woke up later than we expected. Not wanting to waste too much time, we headed down to the hotel lobby to look for a faster breakfast instead.

Was quite tempted by the huge array of sandwiches and other droolicious pastries as seen below.

In the end, we had a box of Manjoo freshly baked cakes (from yesterday as seen here) and a cup of ice milo from Burger King to share as we didn’t want to have a heavy breakfast.

081-IMG_5777 082-IMG_5778 083-IMG_5779087-IMG_5783086-IMG_5782

When we were done, we went to buy our theme park tickets – the All Parks one which allowed us access to both the indoor and outdoor theme park. Best of all..if I remember right, there was a promotion going on that day so we managed to get our tickets at just MYR 96.00 (S$38.00) which works out to be S$19 for each of us! Really cheap right?! XD

NOTE: The Genting Highlands OUTDOOR Theme Park is closed with effect from 1 September 2013 onwards to 2016 to make way for the 20th Century Fox theme park opening in 2016

084-IMG_5780 085-IMG_5781

Started off our theme park adventure with a nice slow ride. The bf was like..only kids ride on these leh. Eh..didn’t matter much to me as I dragged him for the ride.

Oh and notice I added a scarf? HAHA! Yes, I bought one at one of the shops nearby as it was soooo cold!

088-IMG_5784 089-IMG_5785 090-IMG_5786

The ride basically just went around the indoor part of Genting and it gave me a great view from the top. Here are just some of the photos taken onboard:

091-IMG_5788 092-IMG_5789 093-IMG_5790 094-IMG_5791 095-IMG_5792 096-IMG_5793 097-IMG_5794 098-IMG_5795 099-IMG_5796

We finally decided to venture into the outdoor theme park. And yes, it was so COLD!! Here we were walking by the walkway down and we couldn’t see anyone on the rides though ;/

Apparently we took the longer way to the outdoor theme park as there was a shorter cut. Found out much later though.

100-IMG_5797 101-IMG_5798

For that day, these were the rides that were closed. Was pretty bummed as these were some of the rides that I had wanted to take ;/

102-IMG_5799 103-IMG_5800

Still, I was pretty prepared to have some fun at Genting’s theme park!(:

104-IMG_5801 105-IMG_5802

Ready? Let’s go play!(:

The first ride that will greet you will be famous spinner where everyone sits on these metal chairs and the ride will spin you around! I was bloody scared at first because I had just realized how high the ride would go..yes, I’m quite afraid of loads of stuff! HAHA!

Still, I went on the ride and well, to my wasn’t that scary at all! The first few spins were really fun..then it got really cold and monotonous as the cold wind slaps at your face and bare feet (I removed them in case they dropped off). By the end of the ride, I was giddy as hell as well!

106-IMG_5803 107-IMG_5804 108-IMG_5805 109-IMG_5806

The 2 storey carousel/merry go round:


This is the stinger ride that was closed for maintenance during that day. Pity though as it looks pretty fun!

111-IMG_5808 112-IMG_5809

Cyclone – a rather scary looking mini coaster. The queue was too long at that time though, so we decided to come back later instead.

113-IMG_5810 114-IMG_5811 115-IMG_5812

The spinning tea cup ride:


Astro fighter:

117-IMG_5814 118-IMG_5815

Mini rodeo rider:


The rather sad looking musical fountain with loads of fishes

120-IMG_5817 121-IMG_5818

Flying jumbo:


Array of snack stalls around the theme park:


Pirates train – supposedly a scary ride so we decided to join the queue. As usual, it’s a pretty long queue so we did we like to do to best – camwhore! HAHA!

So, as it drew closer to our turn..I grew a little more afraid especially when this grown guy literallySCREAMED in fright when he went inside the ride. I was like..oh my gawd..this means it has to be really, really scary right?!

Okay, it wasn’t. The whole ride I just closed my eye while the bf was just waiting in anticipation for someone to scare us but never came. So basically the ride just brought us into a dark room with some corners and the end.

Then why the heck did that guy scream in the first place?! =.=

124-IMG_5822 125-IMG_5823 126-IMG_5824 127-IMG_5825 128-IMG_5826 129-IMG_5827 130-IMG_5828

Walked past a stage and exhibition of the ride seats in the theme park. The go kart rides that we couldn’t play because it was closed 🙁

131-IMG_5829 132-IMG_5830 133-IMG_5831 134-IMG_5832

The stinger – also closed 🙁

135-IMG_5833 136-IMG_5834 137-IMG_5835

If you were wondering about my face below..that was because when I was photographing the rides,this fat guy trod on my foot and it bloody hurt T_t

138-IMG_5836 139-IMG_5837 140-IMG_5838

Spotted this scary looking roller coaster after that and the bf wanted to go on it. The queue was really long and we had to store our bags (plus camera first) before going on the ride.

I didn’t expect the ride to be that scary..but it was! According to the bf, it’s his favourite ride because I screamed in fright all the way. -.-

Also..this is my first time going on 360 degree roller coaster and I’m never going on another one ever again. Yes…I’m afraid on these type of roller coasters -.-

141-IMG_5839 142-IMG_5840  144-IMG_5842 145-IMG_5843   148-IMG_5846 149-IMG_5847 150-IMG_5848 151-IMG_5849

Before having lunch, we headed indoors again to take another roller coaster – the flying dragon. Okay, and the difference between this one and the previous one is..this ISN’T SCARY! There’s only 1 or 2 parts where you might stifle a little shout but this one..IS FUN!

152-IMG_5850 153-IMG_5851 164-IMG_5862

And I can even take photos WHILE I’m on the ride. HAHAHA! Here are some taken on the way.


And here it is on its merry way!


Decided to have lunch at a chinese restaurant, Flavurs which we thought of trying yesterday. was one of the best decisions ever because the food was pretty good! Really really satisfied with what we had there(:

The bf had the Spicy Kung Pao Chicken Rice – which looked really good! I had the Tom Yam Bee Hoon which was good too, plus it was great to eat a spicy dish in the cold! Also ordered a radish cake to share as we could get a free dessert.

154-IMG_5852 155-IMG_5853 156-IMG_5854 157-IMG_5855159-IMG_5857

Our free dessert! 😀


Really happy with what we ate here ^^

160-IMG_5858 161-IMG_5859

Would highly recommend that you dine at Flavurs if you are ever at Genting for some decent Chinese food at affordable prices. We paid about 57 MYR (S$23.00) for our meal which is aboutS$11.50 per person. In our opinion..worth it for the price paid.


Stuffed after a good meal, we wanted to go for a light ride first and chanced upon the 4D ride, The Little Prince.


Inside, we were greeted with a super long queue -.-


Waited 20 minutes for the ride that almost caused both of us to fall asleep =.=


Decided to go for a more exhilarating ride – the Euro Express which is also a roller coaster (as the flying dragon ride was closed for maintenance). This easily became my 2nd favourite ride (1st is the flying dragon). Have to say.. it’s definitely more exciting than the dragon one as there are steeper twists. Oh and this is kinda an indoor roller coaster btw as you zip above the shops at the First World plaza!(:

177-IMG_5876 178-IMG_5877

Headed down once again to the outdoor theme park!(: Before that, we stopped by to buy a baked sweet potato!

Freaking shiok to eat a pipping hot sweet potato in the cold. BWAHAHAHA!

179-IMG_5878 180-IMG_5879  182-IMG_5881

We were walking around the area and I spotted the rolling thunder mine train. At first I thought it was closed. But when I was taking photos, I heard people screaming from the ride! HAHAH!

Naturally, I dragged the bf to take the ride 😀

183-IMG_5882 184-IMG_5883

It was next to the flume ride which was open and closed intermittently. So when we were there, it was closed. Later, it was opened once again.

188-IMG_5887 189-IMG_5888

While waiting for the mine train ride, snapped a photo of it zipping away! It’s a pretty fun ride ride, pity about the really long queue as I would have gone for it again if the queue didn’t put me off! 🙁

190-IMG_5889 191-IMG_5890 192-IMG_5891 193-IMG_5892 194-IMG_5893

Next, we decided to take the boat ride because it looked pretty fun! The queue was a little long as each ride is about 15 minutes long.

195-IMG_5894   198-IMG_5897 199-IMG_5898 200-IMG_5899

Then all of a suddenly, the fog started rolling in! Look at the difference before and after! It was quite funny actually because we saw a few couples bumping into the wall.

Also snapped this rather funny photo below. It looked like they were just paddling into nothingness!

202-IMG_5901 203-IMG_5902

As our turn came closer, it was time to put on our life jackets and camwhore more! HAHA! Luckily when it came to our turn, the fog was lifting so our visibility wasn’t too affected compared to before ~_~

It was pretty fun paddling around the small lake and we made one nice big round around it. Unfortunately, we suddenly lost control of the boat and couldn’t seem to control the boat’s rudder no matter how we tried… Like when we tried to turn left, it just wouldn’t! So we were stuck there for quite awhile going round in circles. Fortunately..we weren’t the only ones. HAHAHA! Anyway, the below photo was taken while we were flailing around the lake actually. Lol.

204-IMG_5903 205-IMG_5904 206-IMG_5905 207-IMG_5906 208-IMG_5907 209-IMG_5908 210-IMG_5909 211-IMG_5910 212-IMG_5911 213-IMG_5912 214-IMG_5913 215-IMG_5914 216-IMG_5915  218-IMG_5919 219-IMG_5920 220-IMG_5921 221-IMG_5922 222-IMG_5923 223-IMG_5924 224-IMG_5925 225-IMG_5926

We almost cried in relief when we managed to make it back. Had to ask the attendant for help as we couldn’t get our boat into the ‘lot’. Next up, decided to take a short break at a random cafe nearby. Cup corn and chrysanthemum tea – yums! 😀

227-IMG_5928 228-IMG_5929

From our spot, we noticed a little stairway going up which we never noticed before, and so we decided to follow the path. After that we saw the pirate ship! Guess not alot of people know about this path up as there weren’t many people there.

And yes, I’m a little scadegy-cat so naturally, we were seated right in the middle of the pirate ship. A kind couple opposite us later helped us to take a photo after that. Hehe.

And throughout the ride, I was just closing my eyes and screaming/laughing. Hahahaha, and apparently the couple opposite us was doing the same too. Lol.

230-IMG_5931 231-IMG_5932 232-IMG_5933 233-IMG_5934 234-IMG_5935 235-IMG_5936

We continued exploring the path there and located the go kart ride which was closed for maintenance.

236-IMG_5937 237-IMG_5938

Also spotted is the corkscrew ride which looked bloody scary to me! Refused to get on the ride after the experience at the flying coaster T_T

238-IMG_5939 239-IMG_5940

The Waves:

240-IMG_5941 241-IMG_5942 242-IMG_5943

And of course, the scariest ride in Genting is the Space Shot in my opinion. Ugh, just looking at the ride makes my stomach curdle!

243-IMG_5944 244-IMG_5945

Just as I was snapping the photo, spotted the fog rolling in once again.

245-IMG_5946 246-IMG_5947 247-IMG_5948

And here we were on board the Ferris Wheel as the fog rolled in.

248-IMG_5950 249-IMG_5951 250-IMG_5952 251-IMG_5953 252-IMG_5954 253-IMG_5955 254-IMG_5956 255-IMG_5957 256-IMG_5958

Now when the fog rolls it, it can turn some attractions very scary as seen below:

257-IMG_5959 258-IMG_5960

The bf disappearing into Dinosaurland FOREVER..


It was freezing then, so wanted something a little hot to eat. So happened that we saw this stall selling yummy looking crepes and parathas.


Decided to get a chocolate banana sweet paratha to share with the bf. Think that it’s super super yummy!(:

264-IMG_5966 265-IMG_5967

But goodness, the fog was really really bad that day.


After that, we decided to stop for the day and just spent the rest of the time walking around First World Plaza.

267-IMG_5969 268-IMG_5970 269-IMG_5971 270-IMG_5972

Along the way, we also bought some fried durians to try. It was pretty nice but SUPER oily!

271-IMG_5973 272-IMG_5974

Oh and because it was theme park day..I wanted to eat candy floss! 🙁 And so I had my fill! 😀


277-IMG_5979 278-IMG_5980 279-IMG_5981

After that, we went to the casino once again and luckily, we still had some of our beginner’s luck left from yesterday. Hehe. Then, we decided to get some souvenirs back home since there was this whole level of souvenirs stalls.

274-IMG_5976 275-IMG_5977 276-IMG_5978 280-IMG_5982 281-IMG_5983 282-IMG_5984 283-IMG_5985

We also picked up some local Malaysian delicacies for home too!(: We ended the day off by tabao-ing food from random stalls and Marrybrown once again!


Smiley potato – smiles 🙂

285-IMG_5987 286-IMG_5988 287-IMG_5989 288-IMG_5990

Having said that, the next day was to be our last day at Genting. Sigh..all holidays have to come to an end and this one passed so fast! ;/

Meanwhile, will be working on Day 3 soon alright, so stay tuned!(:

Oh btw, have you read my Day 1 yet?

>> Click HERE to read Day 1 of my 3D2N Genting Trip! <<
>> Click HERE to read Day 1 of my 3D2N Genting Trip! <<
>> Click HERE to read Day 1 of my 3D2N Genting Trip! <<

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