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VIDEO | Hong Kong Girl Slaps Kneeling Boyfriend Multiple Times in Public

UPDATED Video with English Subtitles!(:

Spotted on EDMW first posted by niwde7:

Hong Kong Girl Slaps Kneeling Boyfriend in Public

Screen Shot 2013-10-06 at 3.15.42 PM

Based on the snippets of the conversation and comments from the Youtube users, it seems like the girlfriend (in red) allegedly caught the guy bringing another girl home (seems to be the girl in black). Then the guy keeps denying and says that it was the girl who approached him instead.

This also just got reported in Wanbao today as seen from EDMW:

(Eng Subtitles)A guy kneeled to and slapped by a girl in Hong Kong(ep.1)

But gosh, that guy is so pathetic! He’s like wailing and sobbing like a baby throughout the video. Still, I think they shouldn’t have done this in public, really embarrassing for all the people involved AND the people watching as well. Many of the bystanders watching, especially the aunties couldn’t stand it either!

Later if I’m not wrong, the police also came to settle this issue. Well, if you have a clearer explanation of what happened in this video, let me know!

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3 Comments on “VIDEO | Hong Kong Girl Slaps Kneeling Boyfriend Multiple Times in Public

  1. This is really washing dirty linen in public! Very embarassing! Again, if the bf didn’t do wrong, why didn’t he stand up for himself and retaliate? Kneeling down in public is almost equivalent to admitting he is wrong, and seeking forgiveness. Ultimate drama O_o

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