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mitsueki Travels | 3D2N Genting Highlands August 2013 – DAY 1

This was supposed to be written last month but I just couldn’t find the time to actually start writing.Blaming the huge amount of photos that I took during this trip – lol, and it was just a 3D2N one! HAHA! Imagine if I had gone for a longer one :S

Anyway, if you didn’t know, I went for a 3D2N trip to Genting Highlands from 23 – 25 August 2013 which was my bf’s birthday gift to me. Ever since we met like 3 years ago, I had plans to go to Genting as our first overseas trip together (but in the end, we went to Bangkok first as seen HERE).

But okay, the main reason why I knew I HAD TO GO to Genting is because..the outdoor theme park at Genting would be closed from 1 September 2013 onwards till 3 years later when thenew Twentieth Century Fox theme park will be opened in 2016. So I really wanted the memories first before the old outdoor theme park closed forever.

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>> Click HERE to read about Day 2: Theme Park Day <<
>> Click HERE to read about Day 2: Theme Park Day <<

So here we were – really excited for our trip to Genting on our luxury coach that early morning. We were pretty early so… with nothing better to do – we cam-whored for quite abit. Pardon the following photos, but we were really bored. HAHA! XD

001-IMG_5696 002-IMG_5697 003-IMG_5698 004-IMG_5699

Finally we were off to Malaysia and crossing the causeway. Bye Singapore..for now!

Slept all the way till we reached the Yong Peng pitstop for a short lunch and toilet break. I hadn’t been to Malaysia for a number of years but Yong Peng never changed a single bit. Same layout, same seats, almost similar food stalls.

My mom warned me not to eat at Yong Peng as the food isn’t very good and expensive..but we were hungry! So, the bf and I decided to have the Ramly burger instead.

Our two burgers cost about 15 MYR (S$6.00) which works out to be S$3 for each burger. Almost the same price as you can get in Singapore at those pasar malams. But well.

005-IMG_5700 006-IMG_5701 007-IMG_5702 008-IMG_5703 009-IMG_5704 010-IMG_5705

Our Ramly burgers: Tastewise, it was okay. Tasted like any Ramly in Singapore.

011-IMG_5706 012-IMG_5707 013-IMG_5708 014-IMG_5709 015-IMG_5710

Decided to get a crispy waffle after that to snack on the bus. I chose the peanut one to share with the bf, and I was like asking him – where’s the peanut? ==? But surprisingly, I think the waffle was made with peanut butter batter because I could taste the peanut butter, but just couldn’t see it ~

016-IMG_5711 017-IMG_5712 018-IMG_5713

Our first glimpse of Genting on the peak from down below.

On the long winding road up to Genting. I was pretty apprehensive and scared actually on the way up because before we left..there were 2 accidents at Genting. One, a bus overturned coming down and the second was when the bus crashed into the ravine…

Apparently on that day itself, about 2 hrs before we were going up Genting, the rescue team were lifting up the bus that fell into the ravine. Pretty sure we passed by the spot but I was slightly petrified in my seat throughout the journey.

019-IMG_5714 020-IMG_5715 021-IMG_5716 022-IMG_5717 023-IMG_5718 024-IMG_5719

Luckily we reached the peak without any issues! And I realized that I should be scared on the way down instead of up -_-

Upon reaching Genting, I was freaking glad I decided to bring my jacket as it was FREEZING.


I haven’t been to Genting since young and my mom told me that she had brought me here countless times. Guess that was why I found everything so familiar at the First World hotel’s lobby as seen below:

Check in was pretty easy and fast since we had a booking and we were off to dump our luggage in the room.

027-IMG_5722 028-IMG_5723 026-IMG_5721

We opened our hotel room door to find..this. Gawd, yeah, it was really, really small! I think we definitely had the lowest room tier in the entire hotel. At least it has every basic facility that we needed and it was clean, though albeit old and rundown.


Yeah, and the lousiest television ever. Gosh, this is so 2000s!


I was at least hoping for a good view or something as I drew open the curtains. But I drew them shut immediately after that. just looked into the opposite room =.= Later on, I assumed that a woman moved into that room because she left her bra lying on the bed.


Ah well, this was home for the next 2 nights so we just had to make do(:


Feeling hungry again, we decided to head down to the First World Plaza to explore the place and have lunch. And just for laughs – Here’s the bf attempting a rather gay-ish pose as he tries to protect my satchel from potential thieves. Lol.


Taken at the hotel lobby – the mini model of Genting:

034-IMG_5729 035-IMG_5730

At the plaza, one of the first things we spotted was this wishing well. Knowing that we were planning to go to the casino later, we prayed abit and tossed a coin.


We decided to have lunch at the fast food outlet, Marrybrown to try. The bf had the Nasi Marrybrown while I had the Marrybrown Lucky Plate.

The Nasi Marrybrown was just okay at the very most. Honestly, he wasn’t very impressed at all. Neither was I impressed with the Marrybrown Lucky Plate. Like..the only thing I really liked off the plate was the bread. -_-

We paid 32 MYR (S$12.50) for the meal and probably wouldn’t recommend it.

038-IMG_5733 039-IMG_5734 040-IMG_5735 041-IMG_5736 042-IMG_5737 043-IMG_5738 044-IMG_5739

As we weren’t satisfied with our meal, we decided to get some snacks to alleviate the hunger pangs and stumbled on this rather yummy looking Manjoo freshly baked cakes.

For only MYR 5.00 (S$2.00), we were really happy with the pipping hot cakes in the freezing weather. Believe there’s caramel or honey inside but they were GOOD!(:

045-IMG_5740 046-IMG_5741

As typical tourist suckers, we were suckered to going for the Ripley’s Believe it Or Not at Genting. Have been to this one when I was younger as well as the one in San Francisco before actually but the bf hadn’t. Well, even though almost everything was pretty similar..I still had a good time there(:

Here are some photos that we took in the Ripley’s museum:

047-IMG_5742 048-IMG_5743 049-IMG_5744 050-IMG_5745 051-IMG_5746 052-IMG_5747 053-IMG_5748

And our favourite exhibition of them all – the luckiest chair in the world made of golden horseshoes. Sat and rubbed against it for luck because…as mentioned – we were going to the casino. HAHAHA!

054-IMG_5749 055-IMG_5750 056-IMG_5751 057-IMG_5752 058-IMG_5753 059-IMG_5754 060-IMG_5755

In our package, we bought the combo deal which also included the Ripley’s Haunted Adventure.Basically you sit on a ride that will bring you to the 2nd level and you are supposed to go in – get scared and kill wereworms using a blaster gun.


In my honest was really lame. But well, all in the name of being tourists. Lol

Paid MYR 78 (S$31.00) for the combo tickets which works out to be S$15.50 for each of us to enter the 2 Ripley’s attractions.


And was time for us to enter the casino! Naturally, I was asked if I was over 21. I nodded and yay, could get in!(: And they didn’t check the passport actually even though I waved mine in front of them guards. Lol, received many looks at the casino just like the last time I was in the casinos back in Vegas.


We were not allowed to take photos in the casino, so this is the only photo that I have. HAHA! Here are my slots and membership cards as well as our winnings for the day! Actually we won way, way more..but gambling is freaking addictive and we lost most of it.

And if you were wondering..we were playing slot machines(: I won most of the winnings with just MYR 10 and never lost anything else. HAHA! Beginner’s luck or birthday girl luck maybe? ;x

065-IMG_5760 066-IMG_5761 067-IMG_5762

I think it was almost 11pm when we were done and we decided to head somewhere for dinner. It was still so so so I opted to have some pipping hot steamboat to get warm(:

Worst decision made ..EVER unfortunately.

We were not impressed with anything. The soup was so bland even after putting like a zillion ingredients in it. Felt like we were drinking tap water. The food was just not fresh, icky and the meat was so bad that the bf spat it out after one bit.

After 10 minutes in the hot pot restaurant, we decided to just leave since we already paid to enter the restaurant already. Paid close to MYR 70 (S$28.00) for 2 of us which works out to be S$14.00 per person. Luckily it was pretty cheap but it was just so bad that we had to leave. Yeah..usually the bf eats everything so for him to just say it was bad.. It WAS bad.

068-IMG_5763 069-IMG_5765 070-IMG_5766 071-IMG_5767 072-IMG_5768 073-IMG_5769 074-IMG_5770 075-IMG_5771 076-IMG_5772

Headed to Famous Amos to grab some macadamia nut cookies.


And back to Marrybrown again (LOL) to try the chicken porridge as it was recommended by one of my colleagues. Also ordered a side of twisty fries to go along with that. wasn’t possible to go wrong with fried food there. And now I know why most of my friends recommended me to eat at the fast food restaurants at Genting. The food is just bad. bad bad. BAD! 🙁

Porridge was pretty decent though 🙂

079-IMG_5775 080-IMG_5776 078-IMG_5774

Had a disappointing day when it came to the food but overall the rest of the day was spent having fun with the bf (and gambling $_$)(:

Watched some shows on the sad little TV after we hit the shower in the hotel room before heading to bed. Had more exciting stuff the next day because it was THEME PARK DAY!(:

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>> Click HERE to read about Day 2: Theme Park Day <<
>> Click HERE to read about Day 2: Theme Park Day <<

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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  1. Nice one! I haven’t been to Genting for like 2 decades! This really brings back some fond memories. Which coach did you take to go there? I don’t know if I can still survive the winding journey…I puked the last time…bad motion sickness =/

      1. Thanks! I’ve already read Part II! You made it sound so exciting, I felt like I was on holiday with you! Though I’m way past the ‘theme park’ age, I still love going to theme parks to relive my childhood days, enjoy the rides and have fun. Looking forward to your Day 3 post now 🙂

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