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Enchanted Wedding causes couple to call in radio station to call off wedding

So..the infamous Malay wedding planned, Enchanted Wedding strikes again.

So if you didn’t read this story last week, here you go:

Couple get radio station to announce wedding reception is off

It was to have been their big day on Sunday, celebrating their wedding with relatives and friends.

Instead, Ms Siti Nurfitri Hanafi, 21, and her husband, Mr Alimuddin Senin, 24, had to suffer the embarrassment of using a local radio station to announce that their wedding reception had been called off.

Then they spent the next day going to a police station, the Consumers Association of Singapore (Case) and the Subordinate Courts to file reports. All because their wedding planner, Enchanted Wedding, had allegedly not fulfilled what was promised in the $15,000 wedding package they had booked.

How bad was it? Take a look at this video that the groom took at 11.30am on his wedding day: (I think his wedding reception starts at 12 noon (not sure)?)

Enchanted Wedding Singapore ruins couple’s wedding day once again

Too lazy to watch? Here are some photos taken by the groom as taken from Facebook below. Suggest you watch the video for the full footage ~_~

Their woes began on Saturday afternoon when the families first saw that the wedding decorations at a multi-purpose hall at Block 772, Woodlands Drive 60. The groom’s mother, Madam Noraini Sabtu, 51, told The New Paper that the dais looked like it would collapse any time.

At 5pm, when about 150 guests had arrived, the 30kg of mutton bone soup that was promised was nowhere to be found. Mr Alimuddin said that when he saw that the food was not being cooked, he knew the ceremony wouldn’t go on perfectly.

He added that they had signed up for the My Fair Wedding package last September and had paid $13,000 of the total fee of $15,200. The package included invitation cards, a wedding cake, dais and banquets on Saturday and Sunday, but the couple claimed that only 50 per cent of the package was fulfilled.

Ms Siti said that Ms Fiza Azmi, the owner of Enchanted Wedding, left at 5pm and returned only at 7pm with about 10kg of mutton bone soup in seven packets she had bought from a stall at Beach Road.

The bride said that they refrained from confronting her at this point because they did not want to make a scene during the celebrations. Madam Noraini said she had to cook some dishes herself at home and bring them to the wedding venue as the mutton bone soup was not enough to feed the guests.

The groom had to clear the hall, which was in a mess, and bought the guests packet drinks as beverages had also not been prepared.

Credits: STOMP, The New PaperAdin Bolala (Facebook)

After reading the story, I feel really bad for the couple as it was supposed to be their happiest day of their lives. It shouldn’t have been ruined so badly just because of a horrible Malay wedding planner such as Enchanted Wedding.

Again, this is NOT the first time Enchanted Wedding has ruined a couple’s big day as seen HERE as quite a number of couples have engaged them previously and such cases happened. There is also a Facebook page HERE.

So that’s why I decided to just post about it here on my blog to hopefully raise some awareness to deter other Malay couples from engaging such a awful company to plan their weddings.

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