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Cafehopping | dessert.cup Bakery and Coffee Bar singapore

I KNOW, it’s been like forever since I posted a food review on my blog, but I finally managed to find some time to do this one up. I’ll try my best to try to post more, but recently I’ve so tired to do anything much that requires me to think too much – lol 🙁

Anyway, a couple of weeks ago, I managed to score an invitation to a exclusive opening tasting party over at dessert.cup Bakery and Coffee Bar located at Somme Road. I believe that this is their second outlet as their flagship outlet is located at Raffles City.

So that fine Saturday after, I brought Crystal along as my plus one to check it out!(:

dessert.cup Bakery and Coffee Bar
62 Somme Road #01-01



If I remember right, the bf had to work that day, so he couldn’t drive us there. Instead, we took public transportation there. It’s not really an easy place to find, so rely on your Google Navigator! XD

Upon reaching there, I realized why the name of the street felt so familiar – this is because a few cafes that I’ve shortlisted to go cafehopping is located there as well. This includes:

The Little Prince Cafe

Room For Dessert

And finally at the end of the street is dessert.cup Bakery and Coffee Bar as seen below:

As you can already tell from the exterior of all the cafes there, don’t expect anything big. There are only a couple of seats available at this tiny cafetwo inside and about six outside. Assuming that people will come here more to do takeaways instead.



Although the cafe is really small, I think that the interior is done up pretty nicely.

Specially loving all the little quotes that can be found around the cafe:

They also have a variety of homemade jams and grissini (breadsticks) available for puchase on the shelf. Was really tempted to purchase – and so I bought a pistachio grissini for the bf!(:

Other than that, as a bakery – they sell little mini loafs:

Pretty cupcakes, cakes and tarts:



And if you were wondering about the menu available at dessert.cup Bakery and Coffee Bar, here it is – behind the glass door.


The Food & Drinks

We started off the food tasting party with drinks. If my memory serves me right, this is a latte and a shot of espressoboth of which belongs to Crystal as I don’t take coffee. Pretty decent in her opinion.

At the food tasting party, we had free flow of toasted bread with their various homemade jams, grissini (breadsticks) with their homemade tomato salsa, miniature cupcakes and pineapple panacotta dessert shots as seen below.

Of course, we tried them all! Hehe, my favourite of them all is the vanilla milk jam and I was so tempted to purchase a bottle of it home! Unfortunately, the shelf life was a little too short for my liking so I gave it a pass.

We tried the parmesan grissini (breadstick) using their homemade tomato salsa as a dip and it was pretty good! Crystal was raving over it – especially the tomato salsa. Meanwhile, I thought it was alright(:

We were lucky to flitch one of the chocolate and mango-strawberry (I THINK!) miniature cupcakes as well as two pineapple panacotta dessert shots before they were all quickly snapped up by the others.

I didn’t really care too much for the mango strawberry one, but the chocolate was pretty good. Really enjoyed the pineapple panacotta dessert shot the best though because it was so light and refreshing compared to everything else that we tried that day. Really good! Would go back for seconds if they hadn’t run out of it ;/


The Verdict

We only had the opportunity to try just a few of what is available at dessert.cup Bakery and Coffee Bar but I think that the rest of the desserts available look pretty good to me! Plus I’m quite happy with all that I tried so far, so I’m sure the rest of the desserts should be pretty alright too – I think! Hehe

Will come back again if I’m in the vicinity (or at Raffles City) – and here’s what I might try on my next round at dessert.cup Bakery and Coffee Bar(:


Macaron Choux!

A slice of the 10 layers of chocolate cake!

Triple Vanilla Lava Cake!

Mm, already looking forward to it! Hehe!(: Well, if you’re around the vicinity as well, why don’t you drop by dessert.cup Bakery and Coffee Bar to grab a cupcake or dessert on the go?(:

dessert.cup Bakery and Coffee Bar
62 Somme Road #01-01

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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