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Meet Yogurt the Pirate Dog on Instagram! | @yogurt_thepirate

Spotted on Mashable:

Yogurt the Pirate Dog Is Your Newest Instagram Obsession


Ahoy, Instagram mateys — shake the paw of Yogurt the Pirate Dog.

The rest of your filtered feed can walk the plank because this 5-year-old chihuahua doesn’t need two eyes to recognize her cuteness.

Yogurt’s human friend posted the first photo of this adorable buccaneer in May. She took a five-month hiatus before reappearing on Instagram with a new set of awww-worthy snapshots.

Follow Yogurt now while she only has 1,000 followers — soon enough, she’ll be co-hosting Jimmy Kimmel Live, and endorsing wooden legs.

Credits: Mashable & Yogurt on Instagram

Wonder what is Yogurt’s story behind the missing eye though – was it a birth defect or something worst? ;/ Regardless, think Yogurt’s pretty endearing with that one eye. Hehe(:

Follow Yogurt on Instagram HERE! (@yogurt_thepirate)

Speaking of cute Instagram animals..I’m missing Wasabi-Chan alot. I hope she’s happy where ever she is right now(:

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