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Shocking | Johor Men Stuff Kitten into Plastic Jar and Posts on Facebook

Spotted on AsiaOne:

Johor men apologise for stuffing kitten in jar, say it is still alive

JOHOR – Did the cat that was put in a jar suffocate to death? Did the poor innocent animal’s heart beat faster, then hyperventilate, wheeze and die?

Two males posted a picture of them with a cat in the jar, which went viral on Sept 26. One Facebook user called Ai Knowl has admitted to his sick crime and has apologised for doing it.

It was meant as a joke,” he said. His post got 251 likes. The other person has yet to admit to it. Ai Knowl, who lives in Johor Baru, assured netizens that the cat is alive. “Tomorrow I will post some pict and vid that cat are still alive.. Dun worry.. [sic]”

Netizens have already reported their act to the Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals. Mark Soh, the founder of the Malaysian Crime Awareness Campaign Facebook page, said he had lodged a report with SPCA after seeing the two photographs.

“It is a form of animal cruelty and I hope the authorities will take action against the men,” he said. Soh had also reported the case to the Veterinary Services Department.

SPCA media and humane education officer Pyo Ng said they would investigate the report. “We will find the source of the pictures,” she said.

Credits:AsiaOne News

Sickening behavior towards animals nowadays all around the world as well as in Singapore especially with the recent cat abuse case – where a cat was tortured and abused and later returned to the owner with a typed letter by the sicko.

Animals such as cats are so defenseless, and I just feel so, so sad whenever I read about cases like these. Anyway, I really hope that for this particular kitten – it’s alive as promised by the Facebook user.

Ohh, put a kitten in a plastic jarhow fun right? -.-

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  1. Stinkhorns that do this to animals,considering ‘fun’ need to experience some ‘fun’ themselves. My recommendation for these ‘fun’-loving thugs would be duct tape the mouth and the nostrils for 3 minutes. If they live through it, ask them how ‘fun’ it was… and for more fun, repeat.

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