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VIDEO | 14 ADORABLE Baby Pandas lined up in a row of size

Spotted on RocketNews24:

Cute attack: China’s 14 new panda cubs lined up in size order 【Video】

When it comes to cuteness contests, even a single panda cub is tough to beat, so you can probably imagine how we squealed like schoolgirls when we stumbled upon this footage of fourteen of them lined up in rows in a crib.

14只熊猫宝宝齐聚首 老大老小体重差5倍

The black-and-white fluffballs were artificially bred at the Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding and Research Base in China’s Sichuan province between July and September this year. Put on display for the media on Monday this week, the 14 – count ‘em! – cubs were lined up in size order like a child’s stuffed toy collection while cooing photographers snapped away with more zeal than if an A-list celebrity had taken a drunken tumble out of a taxi cab.

Too lazy to watch? Here are some screenshots for you!(: Get ready for some AWWWWwww…~

panda 5

panda 6

panda 7

panda 8

panda 9

panda 4

panda 10


Like OMG, cuteness overload much?!

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