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YES! | Facebook Finally Lets You Edit Posts & The Evolution of The Facebook Profile

Spotted on Mashable:

Facebook Finally Lets You Edit Posts

If autocorrect has ever ruined your Facebook post, your prayers have been answered. Facebook introduced the ability to edit status updates starting Thursday.

The latest update for the Android Facebook app adds the ability to “edit your posts and comments and tap to see all your changes.” However, the editing has not been enabled on any of the Android devices we experimented with.

The editing feature will roll out to Facebook users on the web and Android devices over the next day, Facebook confirmed to Mashable. The editing feature is not included in the latest iOS app, but will likely get pushed out in the next update. Users will see the option to “Edit Post” when they click on the drop-down arrow in the top-right corner of a post.


LOL omg, like I’m always screwed up by autocorrect! But NO MORE cos now I can edit my posts! WHOO 😀



Mm, well Facebook has rolled out many changes over the years since it started in 2005. So just sharing some photos – some which you might find familiar if you’ve been on Facebook for as long as I have, hehe.

The Evolution of the Facebook Profile

1. 2005 – The Facebook
Back in the days when The Facebook was only available to select networks, the News Feed didn’t exist. Users hopped between profiles like this one.

2. 2006 – Mini-Feed
With the September 2006 launch of Facebook’s News Feed, user profiles contained mini-feeds that displayed user activity.

3. 2007 – Interaction
While not a huge year for profile redesign, users began to interact more with each other’s profiles — remember Facebook Gifts?

4. 2008 – The App Era
Users were able to add application tabs to their profiles (e.g. Bumper Stickers). Facebook also introduced the Publisher tool bar, which allowed a user to publish a status update, photo or link to his profile.

5. 2009 – Pages
A new kind of user profile, Pages launched in 2009. Users could “become a fan” of a Page (until 2010, when they could “like” a page) to see that individual’s or business’ updates in their news feed.

6. 2010 – A Visual Redesign
Late in 2010, Facebook launched a new profile that, up until this week, remained pretty much unaltered. Users took advantage by getting creative with the new photo banner at the top of the page. Also, Facebook told you what friends/fans you had in common in the upper right-hand corner of each page.

7. 2011 – Ticker
As of Sept. 20, Facebook’s new ticker has the ability to follow a user around to every page, including profiles. The company also introduced a “View As” widget in the upper right-hand corner that allows a user to preview how others see her page.

8. 2011 – Timeline
Announced Thursday at Facebook’s f8 conference, the new profile will act like a virtual scrapbook, featuring important milestones that have occurred since your time on Facebook. Compared to the evolution of the social network’s profile thus far, this redesign appears the most significant.

Pretty interesting huh? I really like how Facebook is right now though, but woah, looking back at the past Facebook profiles – can’t believe we thought it was cool that time XD

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