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VIDEO | Daddy-daughter duet is the sweetest little bedtime song

Spotted on Mashable:

This Father-Daughter Duet Is Cute, But Where Are the Fireworks?

When his daughter couldn’t fall asleep, YouTuber Benjamin J. Ames brought out his camera and ukelele to try and serenade her into slumber.

Tonight You Belong to Me (Cover) – Me and my 4 y.o.

As you can see in the video, she’s too smart for any and all distractions. She shushes her dad each time she hears a noise, convinced it could be fireworks. The result is this adorable, interruption-filled duet.

Whenever she does momentarily get into the song, she gives it her all and directs her dad on how to better perform it. He definitely gets bonus parent points not only for his patience, but also for teaching his daughter this song and rocking it on a pink ukele.


Hehe, so cute right? Well, good night ^^~

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