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Looking like a Mutant – Giant toad trying to swallow a bat

Spotted on The Daily Mail:

Supersize me: The terrifying giant toad who swallowed a bat WHOLE

  • A ranger captured the moment a cane toad attacked an airborne bat in the Peruvian rainforest
  • The photograph shows the toad’s discomfort as it battles to swallow the mammal despite the bat’s wings and tail sticking out of its mouth
  • While scientists have not seen the toad behave in this way before, the amphibian is not a picky eater and has a diet of both dead and living matter

A greedy toad found deep in the Peruvian rainforest tried to swallow a hapless bat whole but only succeeded in making itself look like a bizarre mutant animal as it failed to eat its super-sized meal. Park ranger Yufani Olaya said the cane toad was sitting on the ground with its mouth open as it optimistically waited for its lunch to appear and seemed to get lucky as a low-flying bat entered its area.

A quick-witted ranger captured the macabre but comic scene, which saw both animals suffer some discomfort but survive. Amazingly, despite the ordeal the bat escaped unscathed and flew away quickly after its incarceration.

Read more: The Daily Mail UK

Lol, vampire-frog anyone?

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