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University Cafeteria Workers Caught Having Sex in Storeroom

Spotted on ChinaSmack:

Jiangnan University Cafeteria Workers Storeroom Live Sex Performance Broadcasted Through Surveillance Camera

Due to a previous “rat-gate” incident, Jiangnan University in Wuxi city of Jiangsu province had set up closed-circuit televisions [surveillance cameras] in various corners of the dining hall. Midday yesterday around 1pm, a male and female pair performed a live sex act in the second floor storeroom, and the scene was completely live broadcasted on a wall of televisions in the first floor dining hall. When this occurred, it caused a great sensation.

As confirmed by school officials, the location of the incident was indeed the Wuxi city Jiangnan University cafeteria, and the people in the image are cafeteria workers. At present, the workers have already been suspended from work and under investigation.

(Original Title: Jiangnan University Cafeteria Indecent Surveillance Video Exposed, Involved Parties Were Cafeteria Workers)


2 words: tsk tsk

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