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Omg! | Beijing Hospital Patient Dies After Nurse Gives Wrong IV Drip

Spotted on ChinaSMACK:

Beijing Tiantan Hospital Administered Wrong IV Drip, Patient Passed Away

Beijing, August 31, a patient named Wang Huali, a man from Henan who was undergoing intravenous infusion treatment at Tiantan hospital, had a sudden [adverse] reaction when receiving the third bottle of IV drip, and his family was informed that the hospital was unable to rescue him.

According to the family members, after handling transfer procedures, they rented a car to take Wang Huali back to his hometown, but while on the way, they discovered that on the drip bottle still hanging on Wang’s body was marked with another patient’s name. They immediately took the dead body back to the hospital to seek an explanation.

A representative of Tiantan Hospital Medical Affairs Office admitted to the family members that the third drip used on the patient was a mistake on the part of a nurse at the hospital, but whether the cause of death was caused by the misapplication of medication [in the IV] still needed investigation.

[September] 2, a relevant Tiantan Hospital representative claimed that the hospital had begun a self-investigation, and will punish the person responsible on the basis of the results of the investigation and relevant regulations. At present, the hospital and the family members of the deceased are negotiating on the matter of compensation.

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Like oh my God, if this guy got this IV drip, what about the other who received the wrong one as well? But woah, the nurse is gonna feel really guilty all her life. A small mistake can cause a human life to be lost in a hospital indeed..RIP to the patient, damn sway.

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