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Help Save Neira Ng – A 3.5 months old baby from Singapore with Tumour

Spotted on the WordPress blog – Save Neira Ng – 3.5 months old baby from Singapore written by Adrian Chua on the behalf of Neira Ng’s parents, Derek and Nicole:

Your help is appreciated

2 and a half months ago, I (Adrian Chua) was celebrating baby Neira’s baby shower and the joy in her parents (Derek and Nicole) was indescribable.

3 weeks ago, baby Neira was not smiling like a usual baby would. She kept vomiting, and was feeling sick. Her parents sent her for checkup but found nothing. The only unusual thing was that baby Neira’s head circumference was way off the chart for her age. The doctor advice that she should go for a MRI scan.

After the MRI scan, the results showed that there were 2 tumors in the brain, and the growth rate is 50%. The first operation was carried out, and the doctor successfully removed 75% of the tumor at the centre of the brain. For the past 3 weeks of treatment and hospital stay in C class ward, the bill was $50,000. Derek paid $12,000 using his MediSave and the rest was government subsidies. He did not buy a HealthShield insurance for Neira, and now he is in a tight situation facing forward. However, the remaining 25% located at the centre of the brain, and another on her left brain measured 4 x 3 x 2.5cm is still not removed. The doctor advised that to remove the remaining tumor has high risk, and even if the operation is successful, the consequences may be that baby Neira may lose her senses, like sight, taste, or hearing. In worst case, she may be paralyzed.

To seek medical treatment, Derek is required to come out with estimated SGD400,000 to SGD500,000 (from private hospital). He is looking at $200,000 outlay funding to treat Neira. A latest document will be uploaded.

Social workers and children cancer foundation have stepped up to help also, but help will only be given when their MediSave is entirely used and one of the parents cannot have a job. If they are a middle-class family with 2 working parents, then funding will be very difficult.

The operation is set to go on Monday, 23 Sep 2013 to remove the remaining 25% and 3 weeks later will have the next operation to remove the left brain tumor. Neira is currently recovering after the successful operation.  Updates from the parent here. The cost of operation to remove the tumor is expected to be $50,000 each, total $100,000.

After surgery, Neira will need to go through chemotherapy. The cost is still unknown.

Derek and Nicole are also exploring overseas medical treatment for Neira because of the rare tumor case and complexity of the treatment due to her age of 3.5 months old. There are a lot of uncertainties in this journey, in term of treatment and financial needs.

Here’s  the information should you require any form of verification:

Hospital: K K Hospital

Just received message from Derek that Neira will be changing ward today 23/9 as she had a successful operation and is recovering now. Will update again when Neira is feeling better.

Derek and Nicole is grateful for all the love and concern from the donors and well-wishes. The family sincerely thank you for your contributions and visits. The concerns from the public was overwhelming and apparently the hospital phone line was jammed due to many inquiries. The family wish to advise well-wishers to allow Neira some time for recovery and will update again when they could pay a visit.

We are doing what we can in our strength to help Derek and Nicole raise funds to save their baby daughter, Neira. We hope you can do a small part donation and make a big difference to this lovely family.

To make a donation, please make a transfer, or cheque deposit to the following account:

Ng Chor Ghee
POSB Savings 128066845

*Please leave a comment here after your transfer, or cheque deposit.
Click on the speech bubble at the top to see the comment box.

Thank you for your kind donations. Please share with your friends who can help.

Yours sincerely,

Adrian Chua

Credits: Adrian Chua (Help Save Neira Ng)

I’m glad she made it through the operation on the 23rd September(: Meanwhile, as Singaporeans – let’s unite to try to raise funds for her medical fees! So if you have the spare cash – do donate to help baby Neira. If you can’t, then share the story to others who may be able to help as well!

Fingers crossed for baby Neira’s full recovery! ♥

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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