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Touching | Paralyzed Mother Woken Up By Sound of Son’s Voice

Spotted on The Daily Mail UK:

Mother paralyzed in a car crash is woken from a coma by her son who then chews her food and mouth feeds her

  • Zhang Rongxiang was thrust into a coma after a car accident in 2010
  • When she was rushed to hospital, doctors found she was pregnant
  • They delivered Gao Qianbo in 2011, who has stayed at her bedside since
  • She awoke to the sound of his voice in May, meeting him for first time
  • She can’t swallow so Gao chews up food and feeds her mouth to mouth

It is an achingly touching symbol of the love that binds a mother and son. A two-year-old boy chews the food of his disabled mother and feeds it to her mouth to mouth – months after she awoke from a coma to meet him for the first time.

Zhang Rongxiang was pregnant with Gao Qinbao when a devastating car crash left her in a coma in Shuyang county in Jiangsu Province, China, three years ago. But moments after doctors told her husband, Gao Dejin, that she would never recover, they realised she was with child... and that the baby had miraculously survived the trauma.

For the next five months Gao Dejin cared for her at home until medics were able to perform a caesarean section to remove Gao Qianbo from her womb. The little boy has spent every day by his mother’s bedside ever since. Then, to doctor’s astonishment, she awoke to the sound of his little voice in May this year.

While she is able to swallow, she cannot chew her food. So to avoid having to eat pureed hospital meals, she is given regular food which Gao Qianbo helpfully chews and then tenderly passes from his mouth to hers. The touching display of filial devotion has been captured on camera for the first time since Zhang Rongxiang awoke from a vegetative state in May.

The family has survived mainly on government subsistence with some support from relatives and friend, the Yangtze Evening Post reported.

Credits:The Daily Mail UK

Filial piety at such a young age. Really touching..

And the boy’s really cute too actually!

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