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VIDEO | Watch how Giant Monitor Lizard at Yishun was Caught

Spotted on STOMP:

Here’s how giant monitor lizard at Yishun was caught

STOMPers hugelizard and Adrian reported the sighting of a monitor lizard moving about around the lift lobby of a Housing Board block in Yishun Ring Road on Saturday morning (Sep 21).

Giant monitor lizard Caught at Yishun Singapore 

A video showing how the large monitor lizard that appeared at a Yishun housing block lift lobby on Saturday (Sep 21) was caught has gone viral online. The two minute-long video, uploaded on facebook by a netizen known as Niselle Smithshop, shows two men successfully restraining the animal by using a combination of a lasso pole and a gunny sack.

Credits:STOMP Singapore

Gawd, look at the size of that monitor lizard! Looks more like a crocodile than a lizard! ><

Heard that it was released back into the wild after that, so all’s good now!(:

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