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Hashtag #NationofKindness to donate a loaf of Gardenia bread to the needy!

Feel like doing an act of kindness or saw someone doing one?

It doesn’t really have to be anything big. Instead, it can just be 1 simple action –  a smile, a word or even a small step towards graciousness can all contribute to make someone’s day.

A Nation of Kindness Starts with ONE

After that, why not share that on social media such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – be in in a picture form, or just words and hashtag #NationOfKindness

That’s because for every #NationofKindness hashtag used, Gardenia will donate a loaf of bread to the needy families living in 1 room HDB flats in Singapore! That’s great because with a household income of less than $1500 a month, many of these families struggle to meet their basic necessities such as groceries.

So you can help them by following the 3 simple steps to donate a loaf of bread:

How to Help for FREE?

  1. Post a Photo or Kindness Story
  2. Hashtag #NationofKindness in your post
  3. Share on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter
  4. 1 #hashtag = 1 loaf of Gardenia Bread

It’s that easy, and FREE!
(Yes, gotta emphasize on the FREE part, lol)

So at this moment, only 100+ loaves of Gardenia bread have been donated so far but no worries – there’s still 37 days left!(:

Screen Shot 2013-09-23 at 2.01.41 AM

So what are you waiting for?(:
Start to hashtag #NationofKindness to help a needy family today!

>> Click HERE to read more about the #NationofKindness campaign <<
>> Click HERE to read more about the #NationofKindness campaign <<

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