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Ewww! | Mother finds a ‘BRAIN’ in a packet of Lidl tomato sauce

Spotted on The Daily Mail is this rather disgusting story. It didn’t happen in Singapore but just wanted to share ~_~

Mother finds a ‘BRAIN’ in a packet of Lidl tomato sauce (and claims customer service worker laughed when she rang to complain) 

  • Horrified Julleen Marter, 47, bought the sauce from a store in Worcester
  • She noticed chunks of grey matter floating around in the sauce
  • The ‘brain-like’ object that she found measured around 10cm in diameter
  • Ms Marter said that she was nearly sick when she spotted the object

A mother-of-three told of her disgust after finding a ‘brain’ in a packet of Lidl passata sauce this week. Horrified Julleen Marter, 47, made the gruesome discovery as she prepared a family meal of chilli con carne. She was shocked when she poured the passata into a pan last Thursday and noticed chunks of grey matter floating in the sauce.

After cutting the carton open, Julleen discovered a strange round ‘brain-like’ object at the bottom which measured about 10cm in diameter. Astonishingly, Julleen, from Worcester, claims a Lidl’s customer service worker laughed at her when she rang up to complain.

Julleen said: ‘After pouring the tomato passata in, I noticed the consistency was not as it should be.
‘I also noticed the normally bright red sauce was turning a really horrible black colour. I realised that there was something in the bottom of the carton so proceeded to cut it open with scissors and to my horror discovered something which I can only describe as strange. I am not sure if it was animal or plant but it looks like a brain-type material.

Lidl said the company was investigating the incident with its supplier.

Credits:The Daily Mail UK

Ughh, gross right? I was totally grossed out by this story previously posted:

Customer finds baby lizard in Mcdonalds Sausage McMuffin

Though that was revealed to be a chicken vein instead after that. Still..gross eh? ~_~

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