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SHOCKING | 15-Year-Old Girl Raped, Murdered & Dismembered by Teacher

Spotted on Chinasmack:

Shandong 15-Year-Old High School Female Student Violently Raped and Dismembered by Teacher

Short Summary

On August 17th, a horrifying rape and murder case happened in Shandong province Weifang city. 15-year-old female high school student Xiao Min [“Little/Young Min”] was misled away by her junior high school teacher while on her way home. After being violently raped, she was killed, dismembered into eight pieces, and abandoned in the wilderness. The “beastly” teacher even cooked her head in a pot after breaking it into pieces! The girl had got into a magnet school this year after achieving the highest scores in her school.

Full Story

Xiao Min is a 15-year-old girl from an ordinary village below Weifang city in Shandong village. The little girl is very adorable and her grades are also exceptionally good, having tested into her local magnet school this year with a school-highest score of 794 points. However on August 17th of this year, Xiao Min disappeared after just returning home after school, leading Xiao Min’s family to call the police. The police quickly cracked the case after investigation with the perpetrator being Xiao Min’s junior high mathematics teacher.

Xiao Min was deceived by this mathematics teacher into going to the junior high school she had attended. Here, she was violently raped by the teacher and what more, cruelly murdered and dismembered. That’s not all, and Xiao Min’s father gnashes his teeth even more as he describes this teacher’s savagery.

15 yo girl killed and dismembered by math teacher after being raped

Xiao Min’s father: My daughter didn’t resist, and he just used a pillow to smother her to death. After my daughter’s head was cooked for some time after he smashed it into pieces.

The beast also abandoned the girl’s dismembered body in several places. Police on the case and family spent several days to find each piece one by one. Their once living and breathing daughter gone, now the child’s family can only keep a lock of hair to remember her by.

It is unknown how such a cruel perverse beast managed to make it into the ranks of teachers; it can only be hoped that he can get the punishment he deserves soon.

Credits: ChinaSmack

Such a perverse brutality displayed towards this poor girl, Xiao Min! It’s so cruel beyond belief and I feel so sorry for her family especially if you watch the father’s grief in the video above – it’s really sad..

RIP to her and may the teacher get the harshest punishment that can be meted out.

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