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Food Review | Sumire Yakitori House @ Bugis Junction

Yesterday, Crystal and I headed down to Bugis Junction for a food tasting session at the newly opened Japanese restaurant, Sumire Yakitori House.

Sumire Yakitori House
No.80 Middle Road #01-88/89 (Bugis Junction) Singapore
Singapore 188966

Sumire is an established Yakitori restaurant in Japan which serves chicken skewers, homemade Tamagoyaki (fried eggs), clear chicken broth ramen and wide selection of other Japanese cuisine.


Interior & Exterior

Formerly home to Lenas and Social Sin, this place is now Sumire Yakitori House and it’s pretty easy to find at Bugis Junction. I usually pass by this restaurant whenever I’m on my way home from work so I’m pretty glad I got the chance to try it out(:

So here are some photos of the exterior:

And then the interior:

If you noticed from the above photos, the decor leans towards the darker and earthen colors such as grey, black and dark brown which can be a little dark for some people, but I think it’s pretty alright. I also like their attention to details as seen below with the condiments, utensils and even a little container to put in used skewers.


The Menu & Ordering System

There are 2 ways you can look at the menu at Sumire Yakitori House. 1 way is via the traditional physical menu as seen below with it’s many droolicious food pictures:

The second way is by looking at the through the iPad menu system – which is also their ordering system:

What I would suggest for you to do is to look at the physical menu for better photos and then the iPad again to order. But that’s just my opinion of course!(: Oh and after selecting your orders on the iPad – you mustn’t forget to click on Confirm or the order won’t go to the kitchen!


The Food

It didn’t take too long for the food to come, and we were pretty impressed because the system was pretty good in capturing all our orders perfectlyplus the service and kitchen staff were really fast and efficient!(:

And here’s what we had:

1. Cabbage – Complimentary

The cabbage is a complimentary dish for all diners at Sumire Yakitori House and it’s great because of it’s various benefits as seen below. It comes in a generous portion served with a light dressing and it’s really nice, fresh and crunchy!(:

2. Chawanmushi – S$2.90

I will always order a chawanmushi at a Japanese restaurant and so naturally I had to order one here at Sumire Yakitori House to try. Definitely a hit with me and this small bowl of chawanmushi comes with generous bits of mushrooms, a piece of crab meat and chicken. Yums!

3. Tamagoyaki Mentai Cheese – S$7.90

The Tamagoyaki came highly recommended and we opted for the option with mentai cheese. This is handmade in house and both of us really enjoyed the combination of grilled egg with the mentai cheese. Really good!(:

4. Choco Balls – S$2.90 

This is also one of hot favorites on the menu and you gotta order them fast as they were sold out by 7.30pm. The chefs also make them in relatively limited quantity as they aren’t your normal quail eggs as the chefs add in an additional special sauce into the egg (if I remember right). My gosh, these are really, really good and Crystal and I had a second order of these choco balls!(:


5. Bakudan Korokke – S$6.90

Another must try on the menu is the Bakudan Korokke aka The Bomb which is basically homemade potato croquette with a little surprise inside. So you have to cut it open from the center of this huge potato croquette and you’ll be rewarded with the flowing ‘lava’ of an onsen egg!(:

Also, just like the choco balls above, the chefs make these in limited quantity as this can be a relatively hard dish to make, so you have to order it before they are all sold out!

This is Crystal’s favorite dish and she highly recommends it!(:

6. Pork Belly (Salt / Wasabi Shoyu) – S$2.90 each

For our first skewer, we decided to start off with pork belly. One with salt for myself and the other with wasabi for Crystal. It can be a little too salty for some people (for the Salt) since the pork belly is salty by itself so you may prefer going for the wasabi shoyu one instead. Crystal thought the balance was great(:

7. Eringi Garlic Butter – S$3.90

If you didn’t know – I’m a HUGE mushroom fan, so this was a dish that I knew I wanted to try! Eringi is oyster mushroom by the way and this one is big, fat and super yummy! There’s also an option with salt instead of garlic butter as well depending on your preference. For myself, this is definitely my favourite dish at Sumire Yakitori House along with the chocoballs!(:

8. Fuwa Fuwa Nabeyaki Udon – S$8.90

One of the most interesting dishes available on the menu is the Fuwa Fuwa Nabeyaki Udon which is fluffy egg udon. I thought it was a decent dish, but not something that I would rave about.

10. Negima (Tare) – S$2.90

Crystal ordered the negima (tare) which is chicken with leek on the skewer. In her opinion, the chicken was nice and tender but the leek could be a little overpowering for some people.

11. Hinatoro (Shio) – S$4.90

Usually thigh meat is the most tender part of the chicken, but I was informed that the hinatoro (chicken shoulder) is even more tender. Naturally, I ordered one to see how true it was. Mm, in my opinion – I thought that the tenderness is on par with the thigh and it’s not too bad(:

12. Nasu Niku Miso with Cheese – S$4.20

Crystal also ordered a Nasu Niku Miso with Cheese which is eggplant with chicken miso paste & cheese. Her comments were that the combination is pretty unique and it was not too bad!

13. Tsukune Tare / Teri Mayo / Cheese (LADIES) – S$3.90 / S$4.90 / S$4.90 each

One of the dishes that caught our eye on the menu was the tsukune (chicken meatballs) because if you look at the menu closely – they have 2 types of tsukune for FEMALES and MALES! If you wondering – the difference between the tsukune for males and the tsukune for females will be the size though the prices are the same. So yeah, the men’s tsukune is definitely bigger than the female’s!(:

We ordered the tsukune (ladies) with all 3 options of tare (teriyaki sauce), teri mayo (teriyaki sauce & mayo) as well as cheese (teriyaki sauce, mayo & cheese). The meatballs were really soft, moist and tender and my favorite one is the teri mayo!(:


The Verdict

At the end of it, all diners at Sumire Yakitori House are given a feedback form to fill up to get your feedback about your visit and I have to say that both Crystal and I gave a pretty high rating for almost every component!(:

The high ratings come at a no surprise considering that everything that both Crystal and I experienced at Sumire Yakitori House had been wonderful! The food was great, atmosphere and decor were conducive and relaxing and all the service staff were so attentive and efficient so I have to give a thumbs up to them!(:

Don’t forget in terms of pricing – it’s really affordable too!

Would like to give my thanks to Lynn for the food tasting invitation, Belinda for the informative rundown of the menu and food recommendations, and of course, the wonderful staff and chefs at Sumire Yakitori House for the delicious meal that Crystal and I enjoyed!(:

Thank you very much – ありがとう!~

Lastly, would like to end off by recommending you to go visit Sumire Yakitori House at Bugis Junction for delicious and affordable Japanese food. Oh and don’t forget to try the choco balls, bakudan korokke and eringi garlic butter~

Sumire Yakitori House is located at:

Sumire Yakitori House
No.80 Middle Road #01-88/89 (Bugis Junction) Singapore
Singapore 188966

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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