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CUTE VIDEO | Bored Baby Elephant tries to wake up sleeping dog with his trunk

Spotted on The Daily Mail:

Please play with me! Heart-warming video shows baby elephant trying desperately to wake up sleeping dog with his trunk

They seem an unlikely pair of playmates – one a baby elephant, the other an elderly farm dog just a fraction of his size.

But this early riser seemed determined not to let that get in the way of his fun as he desperately tries to wake up his sleeping companion early one morning. The playful elephant, filmed in Northern Thailand, tries a number of tactics to wake up his tuckered friend, who seems to be oblivious as he continues to sleep through them all.

Baby Elephant Tries His Darndest To Wake Sleeping Dog [FULL]

First he tries to poke his lazy pal with his trunk, trying a few different areas of his body for good measure.

But after a brief stir, the Labrador remains stubbornly asleep.  Putting one leg on the fence of his enclosure, the elephant leans over even further to inspect the little animal, apparently considering his next move.

Soon he has a helping hand from someone off screen, who leans in to help in poking the dog  – dubbed ‘sleeping beauty’ – with a long reed of grass. Eventually the dog stirs, only to scratch, readjust his position, and fall asleep once more.

A crowing cockerel can even be heard in the video – which has been shared on YouTube – seemingly also determined to wake the creature.  But even that fails to work.

After taking a brief moment to reflect, the baby elephant then uses his strong trunk to lift the dog’s front paws from the dust and try to lift him from the ground.

The video was filmed in Lampang, in Northern Thailand, by a family who had taken a gap year to travel around the world.

They have revealed that shortly after the camera stopped rolling, the playful elephant gave up on his mission for a playmate and fell asleep, his head resting against the fence of his farmyard pen.

Credits:Daily Mail UK

Hehe isn’t that cute? Well, enjoy the Friday – TGIF yeah?~

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