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Cafehopping | The Tuckshop @ Guillemard Road

I recently noticed that a new cafe/bar that opened like a 5 minute walk away from my house and so, I had been wanting to go visit it ever since! Managed to get an opportunity to do so with Crystal last Saturday as the bf got called back for army duties.

The Tuckshop
403 Guillemard Road Singapore
Singapore 399795



Exterior & Interior

Some of the photos below are taken from The Tuckshop’s Facebook as I didn’t really get to take many photos there so here’s how it looks like – the exterior and interior. Oh and if you were wondering, this used to be Turtle House Seafood Restaurant.

Totally digging the vibe, atmosphere and decor of the place!


The Menu

As always, here are some photos of the menu for your viewing:

For food – they have a couple of mains, bar bites and desserts:

And loads and loads of drinks ranging from beers, ciders, wines and so much more!

>> Click HERE to view the full menu <<
>> Click HERE to view the full menu <<


Our Food & Drinks

And here’s what we had:

1. Kopparberg Wild Elderflower & Lime Cider + Kopparberg Naked Apple Cider – S$12.00 each

Fell in love with Kopparberg Wild Elderflower & Lime Cider ever since it was recommended to me during my food tasting at Stew Kuche as seen HERE and I was really glad to spot it on the drinks  menu at The Tuckshop. So naturally, I HAD to order it! Meanwhile, Crystal had the Naked Apple Cider instead(:

Would recommend that you try these ciders if you don’t really have the preference for beer. Mine’s pretty sweet and yummy. Hehe.

2. Homestyle Roasted Pork Belly – S$12.00

Crystal didn’t have dinner prior to our meetup so she ordered the homestyle roasted pork belly as seen below. The serving isn’t really big, but it’s enough to share between two to three people, so yeah I had a couple. Gotta admit though, it was really good like how roasted pork belly should be like. Crispy skin, succulent and juicy pork belly – how freaking sinful! XD

Oh and Crystal recommends that you dip it into the spicy vinegar dip for some mouth bursting flavours!(:

3. Truffle Fries – S$7.00

Both of us also ordered a side of truffle fries to share. The fries were nice, thick and crispy and I thought they were pretty good! The serving is also quite large actually and comes with their signature homemade dip of truffle salsa mayo. Crystal ordered an additional dip of Wasabi mayo to go along too.

4. Sauteed Mixed Vegetables – S$6.00

Lastly, we ordered a side of sauteed mixed vegetables of broccoli, cauliflower and carrots to share. Hard to go wrong with them and I thought they were pretty decent. Oh if I’m not wrong – they were sauteed with butter!(:


The Verdict

And here you have it – the food that we ordered. Would have to say that we enjoyed every bite and morsel of everything we ate and of course, every drop of cider. The only downside was the slightly long waiting time for the food but thank goodness it was worth the wait!(:

The total bill came up to S$50.00 (yay for no GST & service charge!) but as I stayed nearby – I was given a 10% discount (double yay!), so we paid S$45.00 which works out to be S$22.50 per person which I think is fine considering how I enjoyed the food, drinks, atmosphere of the place and of course – we had a great time chilling at The Tuckshop!(:

So yeah, I would definitely be back at The Tuckshop again with Crystal in tow to try out the rest of the mains and will highly recommend that you drop by for a visit if you’re in the vicinity for a drink or two!(:

The Tuckshop
403 Guillemard Road Singapore
Singapore 399795


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