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VIDEO | Biker sent flying after being hit by taxi at Beach Rd junction

Spotted on STOMP:

Biker sent flying after being hit by taxi at Beach Rd junction

A biker was thrown off his motorcycle and sent flying after he was hit by an oncoming taxi at a road junction between Beach Road and Rochor Road on Wednesday (Sep 18).

>> Click HERE to watch the Video <<
>> Click HERE to watch the Video <<

A nine-second video of the accident — sent in by STOMPer Daniel — shows the biker attempting to weave in between a stretch of cars that was in his way as he turned right. When he got out of the vehicular stretch, a taxi heading straight on that road ploughed into him.

In his report, STOMPer Daniel wrote: “Witnessed an accident on Beach Road on Wednesday (Sep 18). Hope that the motorcyclist is fine. Drivers, do be extra careful.”

Credits: STOMP Singapore

Gosh, that accident sure looks pretty bad! I hope the biker isn’t too seriously injured. Oh and after watching the video above, the bf says its definitely the biker’s fault in the first place – do you agree? Regardless, do drive safely!

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