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The Rice Rembrandt: Amazing Rolled Sushi (Makizushi) Artwork by Takayo Chioyta

Spotted on The Daily Mail UK:

The Rice Rembrandt: Chef creates art out of SUSHI (but she doesn’t know what they’ll look like until the rolls  are sliced apart)

  • Creative chef Tama-chan is an illustrator by profession
  • Sushi ‘artworks’ include cats, a baby in a womb and famous paintings
  • Uses coloured rice and seaweed in ‘makizushi’ (rolled sushi) creations
  • Sushi chefs usually train for at least five years – and sometimes up to 20

With years of training required to become an itamae – a traditional Japanese chef – it’s not surprising that food is something of an art in Japan. But one creative cook has taken her technique even further – by literally creating ‘sushi artworks’.

Tama-chan – otherwise known as illustrator Takayo Chioyta – shapes her rice and seaweed rolls into a  range of designs, from bite-sized cartoons of cats and flowers, to copies of famous portraits such as Vermeer’s Girl With A Pearl Earring and Edvard Munch’s The Scream.

The Tokyo chef uses food dye, soy sauce and green wasabi to colour the rice to make her ‘makizushi’ or ‘rolled sushi’ creations. In traditional fashion, seaweed, rice and other ingredients – such as raw fish, ginger and vegetables – are laid out on a bamboo mat to be rolled up into one cylindrical wrap, ready to be cut into six or eight pieces. This is when Tama-chan lines up the components of her own makizushi, visualising how the cross-sections will look when everything is sliced up.

I never know what the inside looks like so I’m never sure if it will come out the way I imagined,’ the artist wrote. ‘And I can’t make edits when I’m done. Facial expressions are especially difficult because small ingredients or putting on too much force when you’re wrapping the rolls can completely throw things off. It’s always a special moment when I make the first incision to reveal an image.’

On her kookily-named website ‘Sushi smile of Tama-chan‘, the ]artist describes her mission to ‘encourage food education and enjoyment and get people to communicate’ through her fun food. ‘When you see that roll of rice, the thrill and excitement of not knowing what that picture will look like until you cut it is unbearable!’ she promises.

Tama-chan has set up workshops offering Tokyo residents the chance to watch her make her sushi artworks and have a go under her watchful eye. The sushi designer also offers courses in English to give foreigners the chance to prove their credentials as the next rice Rembrandt.

Check out the rest of her amazing work here:

Credits: The Daily Mail UK

Impressive huh? Like wow! Mm, now if she can do this to:

A rilakkuma makizushi anyone? ♥ XD

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