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Hit By a Rock to Save Her Friend – Woman in ICU for 5 Days

Spotted on The New Paper:

Woman in intensive care for 5 days after rock-climbing accident

She saw the huge rock plunging towards her but opted not to try to evade it.

Rock climber Alvina Lee, 23, was holding on to the safety rope for her friend at a cliff face at the Dairy Farm Quarry. The friend above her had dislodged the rock, estimated to weigh up to 200kg, when he had scaled about 20m. Her friend might have fallen if she had released the rope to evade the rock.

The rock grazed Miss Lee’s helmet, giving her a skull fracture and brain haemorrhage, then fractured her right arm. The blow knocked her out and landed her in intensive care for five days. She and her friend would have avoided any risk to their lives had they checked the Dairy Farm Natural Rock Climbing group’s warnings on Facebook before they attempted the climb on Aug 31.

Credits:The New Paper

Perhaps this could have been prevented if (as The New Paper said) – if they had checked the Dairy Farm Natural Rock Climbing group’s warning. Still, got to say that the woman is a true friend indeed. So hats off to her and I hope she will recover soon!

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