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Amazing! | Japanese Farmer Creates World’s First Heart-shaped Watermelon

Spotted on Rocketnews24:

Japanese farmer creates the world’s first heart-shaped watermelon

We’re sure you’ve heard of square watermelons from Japan, but how about heart-shaped ones? After many years of research, Hiroichi Kimura, a farmer from Kumamoto Prefecture, has finally done it! But it was no easy task shaping the originally round fruits into the symbol of love. Let’s take a closer look at the fruits of this farmer’s labor.

Trying to do something no one else has ever attempted

サプライズファーマー #1「ハートのスイカが出来るまで」木村洋一

Mr. Kimura originally grew standard round watermelons. One day, a neighbor commented that it would be so interesting to see a watermelon in the shape of a heart. Mr. Kimura’s curiosity was ignited and from that moment on, he began researching how to make a heart-shaped watermelon.

Daily research and plenty of trial and error

But this was no easy task. Every day, late into the night, Mr. Kimura read books and pamphlets about growing techniques, developed his heart-shaped mould, and researched the ideal cultivation method, soil conditions, atmospheric temperature, and moisture levels for his heart watermelons. It was a long process of trial and error.

Finally, success

At first, all of Mr. Kimura’s efforts ended in failure, but through it all, he never wanted to give up. Without getting discouraged, year after year he continued challenging himself to cultivate a heart-shaped watermelon until he finally succeeded.

Better than he could have imagined

Mr. Kimura’s heart watermelons have a crunchy consistency that gives way to pleasantly sweet juices. Once you’ve gulped down the red flesh, you’re left with a mellow sweetness that lingers on the tongue. The taste was better than Mr. Kimura imagined.

Credits: RocketNews24

Damn, Japan has all the awesome stuff! Would love to try the heart shaped watermelon if I have the opportunity – but it’s definitely gonna be expensive!

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