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Toy Factory presents The Penis Society @ Aquanova Clarke Quay

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On Tuesday night, I headed down to Clarke Quay with the bf and Crystal to catch the opening night of The Penis Society held at Aquanova Clarke Quay. Well, to be honest – I rarely hang out around the Clarke Quay area especially during the evening time so it was kinda like my first second-ish time there?

Due to that, I took the opportunity to snap some photos – it’s really nice and cooling at night just to be walking by the riverside – plus there’s loads to see and eat!

Before heading to Aquanova, we decided to have dinner first over at Pasta De Waraku, my all time favourite Japanese pasta dining establishment and here’s what we kinda had:

1. Corn Soup

2. Carbonara

After a fast meal, we proceeded onwards to Aquanova while I was snapping photos away like some tourist in Singapore. Luhs.

The only pub that I’ve ever been to in Singapore is The Pump Room but that was because of a school event like 2 or 3 years back and I left like at 8pm? And of course, I’ve been to Shanghai Dolly the afternoon because of the OMY Blog Awards Ceremony 2013. So I guess this is like my 3rd visit to a pub/club in my entire life? (Excluding my clubbing experience at Vegas cos what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, HAHAHA!).

Anyway, enough rambling about that, so there you go – the entrance of Aquanova Restaurant Bar. Looks pretty neat huh?

Was freezing cold inside – regretted not bringing a jacket!

Our complimentary tickets thanks to Toy Factory Productions!(:

So basically here are the details and a short synopsis of The Penis Society:

The Penis Society | A Stiff Up Comedy by Goh Boon Teck

Dates: 10th to 29th September 2013, 8.30pm (No performances on Mondays & Fridays)
Advisory: M18 (contains mature themes and some coarse language)


The Penis Society

The Penis Society is a dramatized talk-show triple-logue theatre debating and enlightening on the current male culture in Singapore. The illustrious world of Singaporean men using their genitals to ruin their career and lives is presented in this drop dead funny and wicked satire.

Featuring 3 gentlemen with razor sharp tongues and toxic-acidic wits, the drama confronts the reality of desire and fragility of one’s mind. An original new work by Singaporean playwright, Goh Boon Teck and starring: Wilson Xin, Prem John and Ryd Saleh.

The Review

Well, well, well – be prepared to be scandalized out of your wits (if you’re a rather conservative person like me!) by these 3 charming gentlemen during the talk show as they talk about topics that are usually well, things you don’t talk out loud in public but behind closed doors instead. Like come on – the title of the play itself made me blush a little! Kinda hard to say PENIS out in public y’know.

I have to say though – You have got to kinda know about the recent high profile sex scandals happening around Singapore to ‘get’ the play as it pokes fun of many of the recent cases such as..ALVIVI, NUS SEX FOR GRADES TRIAL & The Ng Boon Gay Trial. It’s pretty funny, hehe.

And to better enjoy the play – get a drink at Aquanova to loosen up! Crystal had a snowball while I had a Midori Sprite as pictured!(:

Well? What do you think?(:

>> Click HERE to purchase tickets <<
>> Click HERE to purchase tickets <<
>> Click HERE to purchase tickets <<

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Till later,
♥ mitsueki

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