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SUPER ADORABLE | Kawaii Pudgy Pandas in Japanese Curry Rice

Spotted on RocketNews24:

Pudgy pandas invade curry

Not everyone likes curry, but almost everyone likes pandas. So do these little curry pandas have the power to make even the biggest curry hater take up a spoon and dive right in to this big plate of cuteness? Based on comments from netizens all over China and Japan, the answer is definitely, “yes!”

The picture above was uploaded to Weibo, China’s version of Twitter, on September 5 and received over 1,200 comments in two days. The image then made its way to Japanese websites on September 7 and has since gone viral. Many netizens commented that they want to try to make roly-poly curry pandas for themselves, while others could only say, “kawaii!!!”

With their seaweed ears and stripes and plump rice bodies, any child (or adult for that matter) would be delighted to be served such an adorable dish. Even if you don’t like curry, you might make a rare exception and have some just for the shear cuteness of it all.


Really..really..SUPER CUTEEEE and I want!


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