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NISSIN microwavable curry rice in a cup

Spotted on RocketNews24:

Chow time, bachelors! Nissin now offering microwavable curry rice in a cup

Nissin is best known as the maker of the mega-popular Cup Noodle line of instant ramen. Despite Japan’s traditional esteem for painstakingly created dishes with understated flavors, the fact of the matter is that even here, you’ll never go broke offering people a quick, hot, salty meal. Nissin is generally held in high-esteem, and there’s even a museum located in Yokohama dedicated to its production techniques.

On September 2, Nissin released its newest offering, called Cup Curry Rice.

While packs of microwavable white rice and instant curry roux have both been available for years in Japan, until now they were always packaged, and had to be cooked, separately. Not so with Cup Curry Rice. Just add water to the container, stick the whole thing in the microwave for five and a half minutes, and you’re good to go, making it the perfect choice for busy people, lazy people, and especially busy, lazy people.

Nissin hopes its launch of Cup Curry Rice will help revive the instant curry market, which has been in a period of stagnation since peaking in 2010. Three varieties of beef curry will be available: mild, medium, and spicy. In keeping with orthodox Japanese curry standards, the Cup Curry Rice contains diced meat, carrots, and potatoes.

A container of Cup Curry Rice sells for 218 yen in Japan.

Credits: RocketNews24

ROAR! Nissin is like my ABSOLUTE favourite instant noodle brand, my favourite being the Tom Yam Veg flavour!

I so want that! Omg.. ><

日清 カップカレーライス ビーフカレー | Nissin Cup curry and rice


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