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Baby chicken has both legs broken by cruel skateboarders who run over it on purpose

Spotted on The Daily Mail UK:

Baby chicken has both legs broken by cruel skateboarders who run over it on purpose

  • The baby chick was rescued by a passerby and taken to a clinic
  • Staff put its fractured legs in splints and handed it to the Humane Society
  • Carers say the chick named Nan is making progress and taking small steps
  • Humane Society has promised to canvass to find the boys responsible

Two young skateboarders have been blamed for a sick attack that left a defenceless chick with two broken legs. An eyewitness is alleged to have seen the two male youths running over the baby chicken on purpose in Eastern New Orleans earlier this month.

The baby bird was rescued by a passerby near Independence Street and Marais Street, who took it to the Metairie Small Animal Clinic, where it was treated for a non-displaced fracture in the right leg and compound fracture in the left leg. The bird’s legs were placed in miniature splints and it was then taken to the Humane Society of Louisiana for extra care. It has been named Nan.

Director of the Louisiana branch, Jeff Dorson, told NBC33: ‘People may laugh at the implausibility of trying to help a baby chicken with two broken legs, but that is what humane societies do.

‘Our mission is to render aid to those that need it the most, and there is nothing more vulnerable than a baby bird.’ He added: ‘We are deeply concerned that the young boys responsible for this bird’s suffering are still out there and we believe that this callous act of cruelty to a miniature creature is just a precursor of things to come.

We all know that violent tendencies displayed at an early age of a person’s development often increase over time and continue to repeat themselves.’

Nan is unable to either fully stand or support herself. Her carers have erected a small hammock inside her cage to allow her to eat and drink while lying sideways. Katrina Perkowska, Humane Society member and director of Kasia Ark Bird Rescue, said: ‘It is a difficult rehabilitation process, but she is trying to take small steps and is progressing a little each day.’

The Humane Society is carrying out an investigation and said representatives would be canvassing the neighborhood where the bird was found on September 2.

Credits:The Daily Mail UK

Poor baby Nan! >_<

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