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Underage China girl’s rape and forced prostitution in Singapore

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Underage China girl’s rape and forced prostitution in Singapore

Update at 5:55pm: A 75-year-old man was among five men convicted on Thursday of engaging in commercial sex with a young China girl who was forced to become a prostitute in Singapore. Chong Kwon Ann, who is the oldest man in this current vice ring case, was sentenced to 12 weeks’ imprisonment, reported The Straits Times.

75-year-old Chong Kwong Ann is the oldest man in the current vice ring case, and was among five men convicted on Thursday of engaging in commercial sex with a young China girl who was forced to become a prostitute in Singapore.
Tiah Oon Kai

Two others — Tiah Oon Kai and Li Wei Chao — also received the same sentence while Toh Toh Loh was jailed for 11 weeks. It was heard in court that Tiah, 66, did not verify the minor’s age. The case against the fifth man, 22-year-old Yap Jun Hao, was postponed to Oct 11 for mitigation.

Toh Toh Loh
Li Wei Chao
Yap Jun Hao

Update at 11:00am: An underage girl from China who went in search of a better-paying job to help clear her late father’s debt was instead drugged, raped and forced to become a prostitute.

The 17-year-old Shandong native’s ordeal, described by District Judge Low Wee Ping as “heartbreaking” and “horrific”, was revealed in court on Wednesday (Sep 11) when three Singaporean men were sentenced to 11 weeks’ jail each for having paid sex with her.

The judge also chided their actions, telling one of the accused, Low Kia How, 50, that he is “a consumer of what we call international trafficking of a minor for prostitution”.

According to a report on The Straits Times, the court was told how the minor came about to be in her current plight. Her father had succumbed to cancer in October 2011, leaving behind a RMB100,000 (S$20,000) debt owed to relatives and loansharks for his medical treatment.

The girl and her mother then seeked employment to pay off the debt, with the former landing a job at a hair salon. There, the owner suggested she work in a casino in Macau to earn more money, and brought her there. However, she could not find work there as she was below 18.

It was then that she was tricked into meeting a Tang Huisheng, who drugged her with methamphetamine (Ice) and raped her.He also treated her as a sex slave, demanding her for sex every few days and forcing her into it by beating her if she refuses, reported The New Paper.

He then told her he was taking her to Singapore to work as a prostitute so that she can earn more money, and that he would be her pimp. When she refused and begged him to let her go home, he locked her up in a room instead. She tried to escape by jumping out of the room, which was on the fifth storey, but ended up injuring her back and legs. She was caught by Tang and subsequently punished by him as he hit her on the back and chest.

He then bought air tickets to Singapore, promising to let her return home after she worked as a prostitute here for two months. In Singapore, she was told to stand around Geylang to get customers and at the end of the day, he would take away all the money she made from prostituting herself.

She worked in Geylang from May 18 to June 1, when she was arrested at about 5.10pm on the suspicion that she had been providing commercial sex while being below the age of 18. Tang is expected to be tried soon.

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Really heartbreaking to read about her story. The poor girl, wonder what’s going to happen to her now after all this though? Does she get to go home or does she have to stay in Singapore?

And these men, aiyo..

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