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SHOCKING | Korean student beaten to death over girl — while peers just watched

Spotted on Korean Bang & STOMP:

Korean student beaten to death over girl — while peers just watched

A student in Korea was beaten to death by his peers when rumours of him dating a girl a senior fancied spread in school. The incident began with a false rumour, reports Koreabang.

A high school freshman called the victim, a middle school student, to meet him at an apartment building. The high school student had heard that the younger boy was dating a girl he liked and began beating him. Thirteen other middle school students observed the beating, some took part, and the rest merely watched.

Korean student beaten to death over girl while peers just watched [News Report – Korean] 

A shocking CCTV footage showed the older students carrying the victim to a carpark and trying to wake him up after the beating. They had reportedly laid him on the floor and tried to administer first aid, but he did not regain consciousness.

Police have filed charges with prosecutors against a student with the last name of Kim, who is alleged to have led the violence, as well as another student. However, the family of the deceased student have demanded that the other students who participated in the crime be punished as well.

Photo Credits:STOMP Singapore
Article Credits: Koreabang

Why do students like to resort to violence over such small issues? The student beaten to death was merely in middle school (about 13 – 16 years old) and that’s really sad to know that so many people were both involved in the beating or worst – just standing at the sidelines watching him being beaten to death.

I agree with the family’s view where the other students involved be punished as well. Well, it’s such a pity that a young boy’s life was lost over such a petty thing.

요즘 애들 무서워
the kids are scary these days

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