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Man asked not to lean on MRT pole threatens to kill Singaporean uncle if he goes to China

Spotted on STOMP:

Man asked not to lean on MRT pole threatens to kill Singaporean uncle if he goes to China

A shouting match began on the MRT after a man was asked if he would stop leaning on a grab pole. The video had been uploaded by YouTube user eltreet with the following comments:

Ah Tiong pwn Sinkie (again) on MRT

“I took this on the way to Bishan from Paya Lebar on the circle line at around 9.30pm on Sep 8. Before that the auntie on the priority seat and the woman standing was telling this China guy nicely that he was leaning on the pole and the woman standing didn’t have a place to hold on to.

“The China guy proceeded to shout at the auntie that he can do whatever the hell he wants and I think he proceeded to insult Singaporeans (didn’t catch what he said as I was on earphones). One uncle at the other end then stepped in and told him he was at fault by leaning against the pole when the train is so crowded and to stop insulting Singaporeans.

“Highlight: at 40 seconds China guy made a death threat and said he will kill the uncle if the uncle went to China.”

In the video commuters can be seen leaving the vicinity of the argument. What would you have done in that situation? Also, do you think there should be more regular staff patrols on the MRT to handle these situations?

Credits:STOMP Singapore

The saddest thing that I felt when I was watching the video is..no one else dared to stand up for the other Singaporean uncle – most just moved away.

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