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Car driven by Indonesian musician’s 13-year-old son crashes and kills 6 injures 14

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Car driven by Indonesian musician’s 13-year-old son crashes and kills 6

A 13-year-old boy caused the death of six people and injured nine others when he lost control of a car that was given to him as a birthday present. The Straits Times reported that the boy, Abdul Qodir Jaelani, is the son of popular rock musician Ahmad Dhani, 41.

He was driving his black Mitsubishi Lancer home after dropping off his girlfriend early on Sunday morning when he lost control of the vehicle, mounted the divider of a toll road and smashed into an oncoming Daihatsu Gran Max minibus and a Toyota Avanza multi-purpose vehicle. He was named a suspect for reckless driving by police yesterday, an offence that carries up to six years in jail.

“This is pure negligence on the part of parents who are unable to control their children, to the point where it causes loss to others,” Mr Arist Merdeka Sirait, chairman of the National Commission for Child Protection, told reporters yesterday.

The legal age to operate motor vehicles in Indonesia is 17. Dul, once part of a band with two older brothers, had received the car on Aug 23, when he celebrated his birthday. His father said he normally had a driver but was driving himself last Saturday night.

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Ridiculous, how can he just flout the law like that? Obviously a 13 year old should NOT be able to drive in anywhere in the world in the first place. Just because he’s most likely rich, and his father is some famous musician – but really? He killed 6 people and injured 14 people with his recklessness and underage driving! No money in the world can buy back a life.

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