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Wa! | Zheng Geping’s daughter mistaken for his mistress!

Spotted on STOMP:

Zheng Geping’s daughter mistaken for his mistress

Children of famous parents are often known for spoilt, bratty or outrageous behaviour. But what is it like for the children of local celebrities? For Tay Ying, daughter of MediaCorp actor Zheng Geping, one pitfall of being a celebrity’s kid is people leaping to conclusions.

The New Paper reports that she has been mistaken as her father’s mistress. Actor Zheng Geping saw the need to clear the misunderstanding on Christmas day last year, after he was spotted with Tay Ying at a Christmas service. He posted a photo of them on his Instagram account, with a caption which said: “Ha, there are some speculations she is my ‘nen cao’ (Chinese for tender grass), hello, once & for all… she is my daughter lah, my baobei (precious one)!!!”

Tender grass refers to the Chinese idiom, “old cow and tender grass”, which refers to an older man being with a much younger woman. But far from being embarrassed, Tay Ying is amused by the episode – although she still isn’t sure what gave people the wrong idea. “Maybe it’s because I’m quite tall, so we look like a couple?” says the svelte young woman, who stands at 1.71m.

For the record, her mother, Channel 8 actress Hong Huifang also found the clarification funny. She is definitely a daddy’s girl, adds Hong. Tay Ying admits: “My dad spoils me. He always spends on me. I think that on some level, I take it for granted. I’m quite blessed.” Although she says she has been running around her parents’ studio sets since she was a toddler, she is unlikely to join showbiz.

“It’s the question people love to ask me. But I’ve never had an interest in acting. I remember when I was four, my dad was set on fire for some performance – I think I was traumatised after that,” she jokes. Tay Ying, who has a brother five years her junior, attends Temasek Polytechnic, where she is pursuing a diploma in hospitality and tourism management. Knowing the rules of celebrity, she reveals that she is very careful about her behaviour in public.

She said: “My parents have always allowed me to run free and wild, but I always watch my behaviour because I know they have a good reputation in this industry. What I’m like will reflect on them.”

Credits:STOMP Singapore

Mm, I think the father daughter duo look quite alike! She’s very pretty and slim too – won’t be surprised if she gets scouted as a model! XD

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