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14 injured as Thai Airways Airbus 330 skids off Bangkok runway

Spotted on Today Online:

14 injured as Thai Airways Airbus 330 skids off Bangkok runway

  • Accident was due to the collapse of the plane’s nose wheel, airline said

BANGKOK — A total of 14 passengers were wounded when an Airbus 330-300 operated by Thai Airways skidded off the runway at Bangkok’s main international airport late yesterday night (Sept 8). The plane veered off course after its nose wheel collapsed on landing. The flight from Guangzhou, China, was carrying 288 passengers and 14 crew members. Passengers were evacuated using emergency slides and the 14 injured were sent to a Bangkok hospital, Thai Airways said.

Thai Airways International Flight TG 679 from Guangzhou was scheduled to arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport at 23:00 hours local time. The nose gear failed as the plane touched the runway causing the plane to skid,” the airline said in an emailed statement. “Sparks were noticed from the vicinity of the right landing gear near the engine; the matter is under investigation” by Thai civil aviation officials, it said.

All outbound flights from Suvarnabhumi are being delayed for up to 30 minutes and incoming flights are about 15 minutes late because part of the eastern runway is closed for 48 hours following the crash landing by a Thai Airways International Airbus.

Credits:Today Online & Bangkok Post

Goodness..hope there weren’t any serious or life threatening accidents involved! The bf’s family is over in BKK now atm too and coming back tml, so hoping for a safe journey back too!

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