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OMG | Lime Juice Causes Girls & Her Friends These Horrific Burns

Spotted on STOMP:

You won’t believe what caused these terrible burns

A group of five girls developed horrifying burns after handling something you can find in every home.

According to news reports, a summer day splashing about in the pool left Californian mum Stephanie Ellwanger’s two daughters and her three friends covered in massive blisters. Later in the day, all five girls broke out in severe rashes and blisters that utterly baffled local doctors.

It turns out that sometime during the afternoon, all five girls had climbed a lime tree, and gotten themselves covered in the juice of the common fruit.

Lime contains a chemical that causes skin to become hypersensitive to ultraviolet light. It was all that was needed to cause these horrific burns, that doctors likened to industrial chemical burns.

The girls had to be hospitalised for two weeks, doped up on morphine to help them manage the pain. They also have to avoid direct sunlight for at least six months following the incident.

Credits:STOMP Singapore

Those burns look so so serious. The poor girls, I hope they recover soon!

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