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VIDEO | Singaporean couple live in fear after Johor smash-and-grab

Spotted on The New Paper today:

S’porean couple live in fear after JB smash-and-grab

A smash-and-grab incident in Johor Baru has not only left a Singaporean couple in shock, but also in fear that they might no longer be safe in their own home.

Dashcam of Singaporean family robbed in Johor Bahru

Ms Fie, 41, a property agent, and her husband, who wanted to be known only as Mr Muka, 42, were in their car in Johor Baru when two men on a motorcycle smashed the front passenger side window and snatched a handbag containing Ms Fie’s identity card and the keys to their Bukit Batok flat.

The couple are now traumatised and fear the thieves could come to their home in Singapore. They have since sent their children to live with relatives. Two Malaysians speaking to The New Paper advise Singaporeans to keep a look-out for motorcyclists, as many crimes in Malaysia are committed by crooks on motorbikes.

Read the full report in The New Paper on Friday (Sept 6).

Credits:The New Paper

Ah..it’s really unsafe in JB eh? >< Had thoughts of just going there to shop for a day!

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2 Comments on “VIDEO | Singaporean couple live in fear after Johor smash-and-grab

  1. This reminds me of a friend’s friend. She bought a new laptop at JB and got robbed. Since she didn’t let go, the robber slashed her wrist. She was bleeding and was even told that her veins were damaged. It was a close call. Hopefully, the police force in JB can step up their security…

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