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Singapore the world’s no.1 scariest country for dating?

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Is Singapore the world’s no.1 scariest country for dating?

You think you have it bad when it comes to dating and relationship? Well, you could be living in Iceland, India or — surprise, surprise — Singapore. According to a tongue-in-cheek list that’s going viral, these are among the top countries with the “most terrifying” dating scenarios. Here are the top five scariest countries for hook-ups, courtesy of Cracked.com.

6. Iceland

Icelanders usually end up dating their own cousins, according to the list. This is because of their small population of just over 300,000, and that the people are closely related to one another. The issue has become so embarrassing that an Icelander had to come up with an app called Cousin Alarm. A couple out on a date just needs to bump their smartphones together, and if it emits an alarm, that means the two of them are related.

5. India

The ongoing arranged marriages happening in India usually come with personal detectives too.  They are hired by the pair’s parents to sniff around for details about their potential in-laws. It has become more of a “business transaction” than match-making – no romance involved.

4. India (yes, again)
Girls going on dates in India also need to be careful of the Sri Ram Sena Hindu sect, which forbids women from talking to men and being seen in public because these are considered as “immoral”.

3. China

There are too many men in China — reasons for this include the country’s  one-child policy and the fact that the Chinese culture vastly prefers male children. According to a study, 40 to 50 million China men might end up being single forever, and this reality usually hits the poor hardest, because women would normally choose the wealthier man.

2. Japan

In recent years, Japanese men seem to be less interested in sex. Instead, more men, known as “herbivores”, are spending their money on beauty and fashion than on girls and dates. They are usually scrawny, clumsy in love, earn little and would rather spend the little money they have on themselves.

To top that of, there is also a rise of the “Moe” culture, where people engage in relationships with inanimate objects such as pillows or a video game character.

1. Singapore
In Singapore, the government will “help” you make babies, according to the list, and the country has such a low birth rate that the government needs to step in as the matchmaker too.

One way to do it is through Social Development Network, a government matchmaking agency that organises events and provide services for singles to mingle more and hopefully, get hitched. It is made up of the Social Development Unit, set up in 1984, “to promote marriages among graduate singles”, and Social Development Services, set up a year later, “to promote marriages among non-graduate singles”, according to the website.

Unfortunately, the government has been unsuccessful at being cupid, and birth rates in Singapore continue to drop with its total fertility rate standing only at 1.2 children per woman with 60 per cent of Singaporeans delaying marriage – according to survey.

Credits:Yahoo Singapore

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  1. its just not about fertility low matters in singapore..ppl in singapore actually kinda robotic and very boring. ppl r here totally robotic.. i had dates few girls and it was my worst ever experiences in singapore…

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