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Wth? | He sees friend raping woman but doesn’t help her and kicks her out of flat

Spotted on The New Paper:

He sees friend raping woman but doesn’t help her

He woke up to hear a woman screaming and saw his friend raping her in his bedroom in a Yishun flat. But Mr George Tan Xiang Long chose not to help. Later, when she escaped to a toilet, locked herself inside and shouted for help, he forced open the door and told her and the rapist to leave the flat.

Mr Tan’s friend, Lim Jia Yi, 23, was yesterday sentenced to eight years’ jail, with eight strokes of the cane for raping the then 23-year-old victim. An Attorney-General’s Chambers spokesman said there is no decision to prosecute anyone other than Lim so far.

Read the full report in The New Paper on Thursday (Sept 5).

Credits:The New Paper

Wth is the world coming to – SERIOUSLY?! Yes, I’m referring to the fact that he didn’t even respond to the woman’s screams for help while his friend was raping her. Appalling.

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