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VIDEO | LG fakes meteror crash prank at job interview – LOL

Spotted on The Daily Mail UK:

Welcome to the scariest job interview ever! LG terrifies applicants by faking massive meteor crash through ‘window’ that was actually an ultra high-definition TV screen

  • Hilarious new TV ad fools four persepective job applicants into thinking they’ve witnessed the end of the world
  • The advert, which is airing in Chile, is to promote LG’s 82-inch ‘Ultra HD’ TV
  • Some people claim online that job interviews were mocked up for the advert

Applicants for a job interview with LG Electronics in Chile had the scare of their lives when the company played a cruel prank on them that has been turned into an amusing TV advertisement. To promote just how life-like images appear on the company’s 82-inch ‘Ultra HD’ TV, LG created a fake office in which one of its screen was positioned to look like a window. Four unlucky applicants – two men and two women – were then filmed in the fake office being interviewed for a job with the company.

LG Ultra Reality Meteor Prank So Real It’s Scary 3 HD

Too lazy to watch? See the screenshots below!

1. The commercial starts with the fake office being created and a 82-inch ‘Ultra HD’ TV being fitted to look like a window

2. Everything appears normal as the candidates sit down to be interviewed

3. Suddenly the city is destroyed by a meteor and the interviewees start to freak out at what they’ve seen

4. The end of the world as we know it? The interviewee doesn’t know how to react to what they’ve just seen

5. Survival instincts: Next they are plunged into darkness unsure if the world as they know it has changed forever

6. When the lights go back on, the door suddenly opens and in walks the LG team behind the prank to congratulation the poor unsuspecting targets.

The interviewee reactions after the prank are just as animated as some scream and shout, while others are quick to see the funny side of things and are probably just grateful that they haven’t just experienced the apocalypse. It is a cruel but entertaining prank which does a highly effective job of promoting LG’s ultra high-def televisions.

However, some comments online by those who have seen the ad claim the whole process was faked. They claim actors are playing the parts of applicants and interviewers to promote the company’s latest television. Either way, it’s not yet known which is true.

This type of marketing is called a prankvertisement and since the clip appeared on YouTube on Monday it has been viewed more than 700,000 times.

Credits:Daily Mail UK

Lol, I thought it was a pretty funny prank regardless of whether it was real or staged.What do you think?(:

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