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SHOCKING | Customer finds baby lizard in Mcdonalds Sausage McMuffin

Spotted on Yahoo Newsroom:

Customer finds baby lizard in Sausage McMuffin

A fast food customer in Singapore had the shock of her life when she discovered the tail of a baby lizard sticking out of her half-eaten Sausage McMuffin on Wednesday. A photo of the half-eaten burger was snapped and sent to Yahoo! Singapore via our Facebook page on Wednesday morning.

The photo was taken by a McDonald’s customer known by her Facebook name as Sandy Sand, who discovered the nasty lizard surprise after buying the burger from the Ang Mo Kio drive-through branch. Sandy posted the photo on the fast food restaurant’s Facebook page at noon, leaving a Facebook post that said, “How gross is tat! (sic)? How r u going to answer for tis! (sic)??”

Netizens were quick to label the shock discovery as the “McLizard” burger. Local parody site SGAG’s meme of the half-eaten burger (shown below) is also going viral.

Credits:Yahoo Newsroom

EWWW!! Gross ttm! Kinda not want to eat Mcdonald’s Sausage McMuffin anymore..

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