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The Amazing 3D Latte Art of Kohei Matsuno | Kawaii~

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The amazing 3D latte art of Kohei Matsuno: But is it too cute to drink?

Kohei Matsuno is no ordinary barista. What started as his way of sprucing up an ordinary cup of complimentary coffee for patrons at his part-time job has blossomed into a form of creative expression that has people around the world smiling. Known as “Mattsun” by his Internet followers, Mr. Matsuno brings life and whimsy to an otherwise ordinary cup of joe. Come with us now for a sneak peek at the work that goes into some of Japan’s most beautiful latte art.

“When I was thinking about how to surprise customers, I happened to come up with latte art. Lately, customers aren’t satisfied with ordinary pictures. So I practiced making 3D images, rather than being limited by a flat surface,” explains Mr. Matsuno. His portfolio includes flat images of traditional Japanese landscapes, popular manga characters and realistic portraits, but he’s best known for producing pop-out coffee.

Mr. Matsuno receives numerous requests from his fans on the Internet and tries to visualize his design before stepping near the steamer. When creating 3D latte art, he starts by making an enormous amount of foam. Since it requires a significant amount more compared to regular latte art – which is generally made by controlling the flow of milk or adding things like cocoa powder for decoration – he is always sure to prepare enough before sitting down to sculpt. With the espresso brewed and the milk heated, he’s ready to show off his craft.

Contrary to what you might expect, Mr. Matsuno’s foam figures are all created within a short amount of time. “I pour in the foam without hesitation and draw the picture quickly. Because we have barely five minutes to enjoy the clear shape of subjects, this is a battle against time,” he explains. Working swiftly and deliberately, he forms the soft peaks of frothy milk into the shape of one of his famous 3D art creations. Next, he uses a sharp tool to accent each piece, giving spirited expressions to his fluffy blank canvas.

This is indeed a special cup of coffee, but is it too cute to drink? If an adorable little puppy was staring up at you, would you have the heart to take a sip? It’s hard to say, but one thing’s for sure: Mr. Matsuno’s 3D latte art is completely cool.


Really nice 3D latte art don’t you think so?(:

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