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Meet the gorgeous street cats of Istanbul | A Photo Journey

Spotted on The Daily Mail UK:

Meet the street cats of Istanbul: How the city’s four-legged locals were a Turkish highlight for a pair of snap-happy travellers 

A pair of travellers’ unusual holiday photos have shed light on one of Istanbul’s less well-known sights – its omnipresent street cats. Jürgen, from Germany, and Mike, from the U.S., spent 91 days in the Turkish city as part of a grand ambition to travel the world slowly, staying three months in each destination. Describing the animals as a highlight of their stay, the pair describe on their blog how tourists were often distracted from the city’s landmarks by mewling kittens.

Indeed, there were so many snaps, they started a dedicated Tumblr photo series called Daily Cat Istanbul. And it seems Istanbul loves its street cats too. Jürgen and Mike say they are not regarded as pests  – rather feline neighbors – and plastic containers of food are often left for the animals by locals.

‘You’ll run across tiny cat houses built to provide them shelter during storms,’ they write. ‘There are organizations dedicated to caring for them… in many other cities, they’d be… “dealt with” in some nefarious way.’

For those planning to follow in their footsteps in Istanbul, however, Jürgen and Mike have just one request. ‘Please say “hi” to Scab Licker for us,’ they write. ‘He’ll be the one licking his scabs.’

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Gorgeous photos eh?(:

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