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Sun Ho’s website hacked by ‘The Messiah’

Spotted on STOMP:

Sun Ho’s website hacked by ‘The Messiah’

Sun Ho’s personal website has been vandalised by a hacker who signed off as ‘The Messiah’.

In place of the singer’s photos and blog posts, the site now displays a long message directed at  the singer, the wife of City Harvest Church founder Kong Hee. The message claims to expose her ‘hidden agenda’ and includes several pictures of her, including one taken while she was a child.

The hacker closes with the statement “You do not want to displease me any further, especially since I could be the second coming.” Kong Hee and five others are accused of misusing more than $50 million of church funds – $24 million to fund Ho’s singing career and another $26.6 million to cover the tracks of the first amount.

STOMP had been alerted to the changes made to Ho’s site by STOMPer John Jones, who sent screenshots along with the message, “Sun Ho hacked.”

Credits:STOMP Singapore

One word: Woahhh

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