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I remember the first time I read a book by our Singaporean National Best Selling novelist, Low Kay Hwa. It was actually this year in fact in my bf’s cousin’s bedroom when I picked up his copy of A Singapore Love Story and For That Day and I was hooked – line and sinker. Translated – it means I thought the books were great!

Due to this, I jumped at the chance when Low Kay Hwa approached me to do a book review and giveaway of his latest novel, I!
Thanks alot Kay Hwa!(:

Book Synopsis:

When I was a boy, I helped old women cross the road, for it was dangerous for them to cross it by themselves.
I’m not trying to show my friends that I’m kind.

When I was a student, I taught my classmates topics that they did not understand, for I wanted them to ace their examinations.
I’m not trying to impress the teachers.

When I was a working adult, I stayed back to help my colleagues complete their work, for we worked for the same company.
I’m not trying to gain a promotion.

When someone says that a dirty bomb is being planted in Singapore, I kill people to escape from it, for everyone is doing so.
I’m just trying to survive.

Don’t deny. Don’t use your felicia to answer me.
Don’t , for I’m you.

And here’s a short book review (no spoilers):

The book started off with a bang literally with an explosion hooking you right into the plot with Sigmund Freud’s theory of superego, ego and id.

Not too long after that, you will be engrossed with the rest of the storyline as it explores many interesting themes and concepts. Have to say though, in general, the book has a relatively dark theme throughout and it makes you reflect on human society and our behavior. I also found the book to be very thought-provoking and it does sets you thinking: if there were no laws to govern us, be it in Singapore or the world –  would the world be the same?

Other than that, the book may come off a little confusing to some as it isn’t your typical book with a one person narration. Still, I found the book to be very interesting to read on the whole, and it’s peppered with some humor because of some of the character’s names namely, Kim Jong Kook and Lee Kwang Soo, names that you might find familiar if you watch Running Man. These made the bf and I sniggle upon spotting them in the book.

It’s not a very long book as I completed reading within less than 2 hours so I would say that it’s great for people with a short attention span. This includes my bf because he finished it during our 3D2N stay in Genting (blog post about that coming soon) and that’s a feat considering the fact that he doesn’t read very often. He enjoyed it btw – if you were wondering(:

Overall, I would give the book a thumbs up and would recommend that you grab a copy of I by Low Kay Hwa to read! Alternatively, you can try to win one of the two books that I have on hand to giveaway below(:



And now, the moment you’ve been waiting for – the giveaway details!
So yes, I have TWO copies of I by Low Kay Hwa to giveaway to TWO lucky readers!(:

Winners will be announced next week ^^


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