SHOCKING | Ugly Singaporean Couple Behaviour Shamed on Taiwan’s National TV

Spotted on The Real Singapore today:

Singaporean Couple Shamed on Taiwan’s National TV


A Singaporean couple who were on holiday in Taiwan have caused trouble at a family owned motel also known as min su (民宿) there. This incident was even featured on Taiwan’s national TV Chung Tien Television Network.

中天新聞》奧客?租屋糾紛 房遭動手腳 房東怒告侵占

The couple stayed in a room and allegedly caused damages amounting to at least $30 000 TWD (SGD $1300)The landlord of the Min Su approached The Real Singapore asking us to expose this Singaporean couple as well as seeking for the help of the Singapore police to arrest them.


They left the tap water running continuously and kept the aircon on at 16 degrees for 2 days straight until ice formed around the aircon duct damaging the cooler and the water bills amount to over $300 SGD. Many items in the Hello-Kitty themed room was also stolen.

It is understood that the couple were staying at the min su in June this year and have gone back to Singapore without paying for anything.  The couple had booked from 7th – 11th June but they checked in on 6th June afternoon instead.


Added to that, they even ate all the landlord’s instant noodles without paying for them and said this: these should free. Worst still, after staying for just one night, they wanted to ‘tui fang’ (check out as they don’t want to stay in the room anymore).

Also, this is a chatlog of a conversation obtained from the landlord in Taiwan:

The Singaporean threatened the landlord and told him that he was lucky the house was never torn down by them for his rude behavior. It also appears that the couple had stolen the key to the apartment and not returned it to the landlord.

A search on Facebook revealed that this was the girl involved in this incident:

Credits:The Real Singapore / Additional Comments & Photos taken from Youtube video

Perfect example of ugly Singaporeans overseas that spoil our image.
SHAME on her! 

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